🎙 Podcast | Secluded beaches and towns in Siberia: the new successes of ‘sustainable’ Spain

There was a time in Spain when there were many large urban projects, the kind that looked amazing in architecture studio drawings but in reality, that is no longer the case. It was the time of Eurovegas, in Madrid, or Gran Scala, another huge gambling town in Aragon’s Los Mongros desert. Job creation was a temptation to justify the unjustified. More than a decade later, outdoor enjoyment and sustainability are the attributes associated with projects planned on maxed-out land, which are just old-fashioned urban planning mistakes made over a lifetime.

We review some of them with Alicia Avilés Pozo of elDiario.es in Castilla-La Mancha, Nestor Cenizo in Andalusia, and Santiago Manchado in Extremadura.


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