10 Colombian companies are in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

Dozens of Colombian companies have once again demonstrated their comprehensive commitment to the environment, ethics, transparency, value chain, human talent and their contribution to society in a consistent and sustainable way, by being included in the Dow Jones Sustainability Indices (DJSI).

In the lists released over the weekend, conglomerates Paisa Sura, Argos, Nutresa and Bancolombia featured in the Global, Emerging Markets and Pacific Alliance indices.

For Jorge Mario Velasquez, President of Grupo Argos, this is the result of a business vision to which this infrastructure holding company has remained consistent throughout its 90-year history.

“So far, thanks to our efforts and in line with our sustainability strategy, we have achieved a 36% reduction in our identified CO2 emissions in the last four years,” commented Velasquez.

This year, Argos Group consolidated its position in third place among companies worldwide in its sector with best sustainability practices, highlighting outstanding management of variables such as transparency and reporting, tax strategy, human rights, and relations with interest groups.

For its part, Cementos Argus ranked second among companies globally in its sector with best sustainability practices. This result allowed Grupo Argos cement company to be included in the Pacific Alliance Latin America Integrated Market Index (Mila).

Zero and go 13

Grupo Sura has also been included by the rating agency S&P in the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index, making it part of this index for 13 consecutive years, thanks to its management and the performance of its subsidiaries Suramericana and Sura Asset Management, which operate in Latin. America.

Thus, the investment holding company continues in its industry as the only Latin American company included in the Dow Jones Index. “We appreciate this new listing, because it is the result of an external evaluation that allows us to identify the strengths and challenges on which we should focus our business to achieve sustainable profitability,” Gonzalo Pérez, president of Grupo Sura, said in a statement.

On this occasion, the Sura Group received a rating higher than 98% of institutions in its field, with a total score of 67 out of 100, taking into account methodological changes from S&P, which make this measurement more demanding for the companies evaluated.

Lots of energy

Electric Interconnection (ISA) appears among the top 20 best-performing energy companies in the world in the Dow Jones Index, with the company achieving the highest possible score (100) in the categories of transparency, reporting, innovation, human rights and stakeholder engagement groups.interest.

The subsidiary of Ecopetrol has entered the list for the ninth year in a row, which reflects its high level of commitment and management with the development and progress of the countries in which it operates.

ISA has also been included for the seventh consecutive year in the MELA Index, which honors the companies with the highest sustainability performance in the Pacific Alliance, which includes companies from Chile, Colombia, Mexico and Peru.

This index includes 7% of companies with environmental, social and governance (ESG) outperformance, among the top 800 companies in 20 emerging markets.

In the view of Juan Emilio Posada, President of ISA, the results demonstrate coherence between the company’s strategy and the broader market’s demands for a more decisive corporate contribution to environmental, social and governance issues.

Other Antioquia Holding Company

Grupo Nutresa is once again ranked as the world’s most sustainable food company by the Emerging Markets Indices and MILA, a position it has held since 2020.

This year, the company obtained outstanding results in the various dimensions evaluated, reflecting its commitment to promoting incremental value generation for relevant groups through collaboration with people, allies and society; Preserving the planet; Development, growth and innovation.

Carlos Ignacio Gallego, President of Nutrissa, said that the adoption of Dow Jones standards is a story of deep learning and the promotion of a consistent and cohesive collaborative business model.

“This is a path that has marked our development as a company together with our relevant groups, who have found in us a serious and committed company that moves forward with them. This new recognition inspires us to continue promoting initiatives that allow us to continue building a better world in which development is for all,” concluded Gallego. .

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