26 power plants with renewable energy resources in the portfolio

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They will add 4,276 MW of capacity to the National Electrical Interconnected System (SEIN), a major investment of US$5,649 million.

The Ministry of Energy and Mines (MINEM) reported that there are currently 26 power plant projects in the country with renewable energy resources, which should be built in the following years, and will add a capacity of 4,276 MW to the national electricity grid. SEIN system with an investment of 5,649 million US dollars.

These generating projects are located in the regions of Puno, Ancash, Huanuco, Cusco, Arequipa, Moquegua, Lima and Ica; It will contribute to Peru increasing the renewable energy component of its energy matrix, contributing to achieving the national goal of reducing total greenhouse gas emissions.

Among these projects, we can mention the Saint-Gaban III Hydropower Station, in Puno, which will enter commercial operation in 2026, with a global investment of 500 million US dollars, and an installed capacity of 205 MW.

In this list we can also mention the San Martin photovoltaic solar power station, in Arequipa, whose construction will require an investment of 142.7 million US dollars and will have an installed capacity of 252.4 MW when it becomes operational; and the WayraExtension wind power plant in Ika, which represents an investment of more than US$159 million and will have an installed capacity of 177 MW.

In total, the 26 power plant projects with renewable energy resources are divided into 12 hydropower plants, 3 wind plants and 11 solar power plants located in different regions of the country.

MINEM asserts that these generation projects will contribute to enhancing energy security in the country, creating job opportunities in various regions, revitalizing the local economy, enhancing the renewable resources that Peru possesses, and diversifying the energy matrix, which will generate more competitive rates in the future. .

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