400 kWh of energy and funding from the European Union

he Wind energy car It may seem like a crazy invention (turns out this three-wheeled car is crazy, and has an impossible engine). However, a group of scientists decided to turn what had until then been thought to be a small project into a reality. The result is a 400 kWh monster that uses no fuel, and has received funding from the European Union.

The first wind-powered car in history: this is how they achieved it

Imagine a car powered entirely by wind energy. It sounds like something out of a sci-fi movie, but it might become a reality thanks to Enerkite, a… start A German company is developing a vehicle that uses a kite to generate the energy needed to move.

The idea is simple but revolutionary: instead of storing energy in batteries like traditional electric cars, this car Take advantage of wind power in real time Converting the movement of the kite (because it is different in German) into electricity.

In this way, the vehicle can travel long distances without needing to recharge, using a renewable and inexhaustible resource such as wind. The key here is to take advantage of an inexhaustible energy source, which if that is not enough, does not produce any kind of polluting emissions.

Enerkite, wind energy car: these are its characteristics

Enerkite is a revolutionary electric vehicle that recharges its battery using wind energy generated by a connected kite. The vehicle is equipped with a kitesurf traction system that allows it to have a wing diameter of 50 square meters to take advantage of the force of the wind.

The kite is Connected to the vehicle by a high-resistance cable. When there is enough wind, they are able to generate power that is transmitted through the cable to a unit on the roof of the car that stores the electricity in batteries.

In this way, the vehicle can travel long distances without needing to recharge. The kite system allows up to 400 kWh of additional wind energy to be generated while the vehicle is in motion. This is equivalent to the energy consumed by a conventional electric car after traveling a distance of 1,600 kilometers.

Enerkite explains that electric cars can harness wind energy to maximize their autonomy and sustainability. Thanks to its innovative design, it is a pioneer in Integrating wind technology into cars. Can you imagine if we did without fuel?

The key is in the design: what it tells us about current cars

One of the most innovative aspects of a wind vehicle is that it takes advantage of wind at higher altitudes to generate power. Instead of a traditional wind turbine mounted on a car, it uses a special kite attached to cables that can rise hundreds of meters into the air.

The kite has an integrated wind collecting surface that converts the force of the wind into electricity. By raising the wind harvester to a high altitude, you can achieve faster and more stable winds than those near the ground. Do you understand where the real innovation is?

According to the creators, winds at an altitude of 400 meters can be up to 8 times stronger than winds at ground level. This height feature allows you to constantly generate more power while traveling. Another advantage is that the kite can operate in winds of up to 2-3 meters per second.

Imagine a Wind energy car Work and propulsion exclusively by wind. This is an innovation we never imagined, and we are always analyzing the most impactful innovations. In fact, you will remember the surprise caused by this plant-based car, either because of the strange materials that are included in its composition or because it is Spanish. What do you think of the result?

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