ADEPA warned about the role of journalism in democracy and media sustainability

The President of the Association of Argentine Press Entities (ADEPA), Martin Echivers, confirmed that The role of the press in a democratic system He warned of the importance of strengthening the journalism industry to ensure the economic and editorial independence of the media.

“Today the Western, democratic and capitalist world faces a dilemma Economic weakening of journalism “It sees it as a clear threat to the full viability of liberal democracy,” Etchevers said during ADEPA’s 61st anniversary dinner in front of 300 media executives, journalists, political and business leaders and officials of the new national government.

The Chief Justice also spoke briefly, Horacio Rosati, Who celebrated “the viability of democracy and freedom of expression without interruption, during these forty years, despite the debts of democracy.” Interior Minister, Guillermo FrancosHe recalled ADEPA’s forty-year path in the struggle “for freedom and the values ​​of the Republic.” And the first vice president of the Radical Senate Carolina losadaHe highlighted the mission of journalism to “fight for the truth.”

The Minister of Defense listened to them. Louis Petrie; Communications Secretary, Belen Stetler; Minister of Infrastructure, Guillermo Ferraro; President of the National Electoral Chamber, Alberto Dalla Villaamong other things.

A literary chief, Martin EtcheversHe highlighted 40 years of democracy’s recovery and emphasized that “a healthy tension between journalism and power is rooted in the role of the press in democracy.”

In this sense, Etchevers mentions two emblematic figures of journalism: Magdalena Ruiz Geniazo“Who honored the profession and was part of Conacep” and Jose Luis Cabezas“, whose work cost him his life.”

“A free and independent press, here and throughout the democratic world, is the sting, the censor, the gnat that buzzes and annoys. But it is also the one that Allows for an informed and lively discussion“It’s a counterweight to deviations and abuses, a reinsurance against a blank cheque,” ​​Etchevers said.

“From UNESCO to the OECD, they are concerned about disinformation, fake news, and political polarization caused by virtual manipulation, foreign interference, and online harassment of authoritarian leaders. They are also concerned because these phenomena “It threatens not only electoral systems or democratic coexistence, but also the business climate itself,” he added.ADEPA president warned.

He added, “Everyone, states and supranational organizations, agree on that.” Strengthening the journalism industryWith objective and global frameworks, they are legitimate and necessary tools to enhance the sustainability of the journalistic industry, which has seen its sources of income decline at the expense of global technology giants who do not produce content or invest in journalists, but rather use their work every day. Again, without providing them with fair compensation for the benefit they obtain.

The ADEPA President raised the need for public policies “Encouraging the employment of journalists” and “schemes that require global platforms to fulfill their obligation to negotiate fair and reasonable payment with media outlets for the use of their journalistic content,” as is the case in Europe, Australia and Canada.

The inscription is also indicated The importance of publicity of government actions, Another principle derived from the Constitution. “Something that exists all over the world and here too since the return of democracy.”

This formal declaration “concerns management accountability, contract transparency, and the need for health campaigns or citizen service. It is a practice that requires channeling through formal, established business organizations that comply with the law. Official advertising cannot serve as a subsidy.” Or a benefit, not to mention a reward or punishment, and if there are cases in it, they must be corrected. In line with the rulings of the Supreme Court of Justice.

“In contexts full of complexity, Adiba raised her voice to denounce violations, persecution and stigma in order to justify Respect for criticism, tolerance for those who think differently, and freedom of media and expression “Without guardianship of any kind,” the entity’s president said.

He concluded: “Facing the beginning of a new political cycle in the country, ADEPA renews its steadfast commitment to Republican principles and the perfection of democracy, As stated in our articles of association. At the same time, we allow ourselves to urge all leaders and citizens in general to become more involved in defending those values ​​that gave rise to the nation and that helped restore institutionalism four decades ago. “It is time to address the outstanding accounts.”

In the previous cocktail, the former Macrista minister and candidate for the presidency of Boca Juniors could be seen, Andres Ibarratalking to the journalist alejandro fantino, About the election next Sunday at the Riverside Club.

The former press secretary of the Alberto Fernandez administration also spoke enthusiastically, Francisco MeritilloWho was the Minister of Education there. Nicola Trotta; And the Peronist union leader Victor Santa Maria.

In addition to a large number of journalists and media figures, the ceremony was also attended by the governor of the province of Cordoba. Martin Larriora; President of the General Syndicate of Lawyers, Ricardo Gil Lavedra; President of the Radical Congress, Gaston Maness; And the representatives Hernan LombardI (Bru), Silvana Giudici (forefront), Christian Ritondo (forefront), Emilio Monzo (Federal Change) and Miguel Pichito (Federal change) and others.

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