ADESU, a new and sustainable option for carriers

It showcased its product range at Expo Transporte ANPACT 2023 that provides convenience to operators, as well as assistance in engine care.

With continued growth in sales and an optimistic outlook for the end of the year, Consulting, Development and Supply Company (ADESU) is confident in the experience of its management team and the quality of its solutions to continue strengthening in the transportation market.

During Expo Transporte ANPACT 2023, held in Guadalajara, the Mexican company showcased its wide range of products, including the electric air conditioning system “ADESU By Invernalia”, heaters and solar panels, among other solutions for transport units, which allow the engine to be protected during periods Rest or wait by not using slow speed, which contributes to reducing fuel consumption and polluting emissions, and plays its role in improving the environment.

The Directors of ADESU and INVERNALIA emphasized that they have extensive experience in the transportation industry, which allows them to understand the needs of entrepreneurs and thus offer high-quality innovations and technical and economically viable solutions to companies.

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“Our electric air conditioning systems are a sustainable solution that contributes to caring for the environment,” said Francisco Negretti. In addition, they provide operators with the convenience they need to conduct their flights safely and efficiently.

“As operators spend long hours behind the wheel, air conditioning is an essential and essential component of their comfort, safety and efficient rest,” added Fernando Flores, ADESU’s CFO.

Francisco Negrete pointed out that the company has achieved significant growth in recent years, and currently has a client portfolio that includes leading companies in the sector in the country.

“We are proud to contribute to the development of freight transportation in Mexico. “We believe that our technologies have the potential to bring about positive change in this sector.”

Named supplier of PACCAR parts

Francisco Negretti announced that ADESU was recently selected as a supplier for the assembly company’s spare parts and components distribution arm; This represents an important achievement for the Mexican company, because it will allow it to access a wider distribution network and reach a greater number of customers.

“We are very proud to be appointed as a PACCAR parts supplier. It is recognition of our work and commitment to developing innovative solutions for the transportation industry.

Luis Medal, Engineering Director at INVERNALIA, highlighted that the company’s products are designed to help transport companies save fuel, reduce polluting emissions and improve the comfort of their operators, through a wide range of products to prevent idling, including electric air conditioning, electric heating systems and energy management.

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New business unit for the last mile

In addition to announcing its appointment as a supplier of PACCAR spare parts, ADESU also announced the launch of a new business unit focused on the last mile segment.

Its offerings to this market include a range of portable refrigerators and refrigeration equipment for trucks and vans.

“This new business unit will allow us to meet the needs of companies operating in the last-mile sector,” said Francisco Negretti. “Our solutions are efficient and affordable, making them ideal for these types of businesses.”

ADESU expects the new business unit to represent an important source of growth for the company in the coming years.

The director pointed out that the company is committed to developing innovative solutions that contribute to the transportation industry, and for this reason it will continue to work to provide high-quality products that meet the needs of its customers.

Finally, Eduardo Negrete stated that after-sales services will continue to be a priority for the company in terms of quality and service.

ADESU BENEFITS By Invernalia Team

Some of the benefits of the brand’s electric air conditioning systems include:

  • Reducing fuel consumption by more than 5,000 liters per unit per year
  • Reducing polluting emissions
  • Comfort and safety for operators
  • A profitable, sustainable and reliable solution
  • Investment for entrepreneurs

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