AFRICA: the 4th AFSIA Solar Awards are launched

Solar energy is one of the solutions for accelerating electrification and the energy transition in Africa. To support the players in this sector, the African Solar Industry Association (AFSIA) is organizing the AFSIA Solar Awards. “The ceremony aims to honor and recognize individuals and/or companies that have significantly contributed to the growth of the industry and achieved remarkable milestones within the African solar industry and society as a whole. It’s an opportunity to recognize their impact and outstanding achievements”, Kersy Nsengiyumva, head of the AFSIA Solar Awards, explains.

For the 4th edition, players in the solar industry will be honored in 13 categories:

  • Solar Power Plant of the Year
  • C&I (self-consumption) project of the year,
  • SHS Company Of The Year,
  • mini-grid Of The Year,
  • Productive Use Solution or Application (PUE) of the Year,
  • solar Innovation Of The Year,
  • video Of The Year,
  • transaction/Financial Of The Year,
  • Solar entrepreneur/SME (small and medium-sized enterprise) of the year,
  • African Solar Company Of The Year,
  • Advisor/Consultant of the Year (finance/legal/technical),
  • photo of the year,
  • Lifetime Achievement Award.

Nominations are open until August 24, 2023. The winners of the 4th AFSIA Solar Awards will receive their awards at the Renewable Energy Forum Africa (REFA), to be held from 4 to 6 October 2023 in Nairobi, Kenya. The competition is being organized in an African context marked by the rise of solar power as a low-carbon energy source for electrification and energy transition.

The dynamism of this sector is being driven by a large number of companies that are investing heavily across Africa. A number of these players were honored at the 3rd AFSIA Solar Awards in 2022. These include Nuru, which is deploying solar-powered metropolitan electricity grids, Engie Energy Access, which is providing access to electricity via its decentralised solar systems, and InfraCo Africa and JCM Power, which won awards for their 20 MWac Golomoti solar photovoltaic power plant with storage.

For more information on the AFSIA Solar Awards 2023, click here.

Jean-Marie Takouleu

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