AQTech is on a global journey: conquering the European and Asian energy markets

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Photo: Luann Martindale.

AQTech, a well-known Brazilian predictive technology company in the energy sector, is accelerating its internationalization towards Europe and Asia, with the aim of doubling its revenues in the next four years. With an already established presence of more than 12 GW of monitored installed capacity, Florianópolis (SC) plans to increase its annual revenue from R$ 40 million to R$ 100 million by 2027. This big jump is the result of the expansion of its international business, which is expected To represent 30% of the company’s revenues by 2027.

Growth strategy and international partnerships

AQTech has established an operational base in Porto, Portugal, as part of its Eurasian expansion strategy. Portugal was chosen because of its strategic location and its cultural and linguistic similarity with Brazil. Thiago Kleis, Global Sales Director at AQTech, highlights the importance of partnerships already consolidated in countries such as Portugal, France, Spain, Indonesia, the Philippines and Vietnam. The company already has eight current partners in Latin America and seven between Europe and Asia, in addition to advanced exploration in Italy, India, Switzerland and Norway.

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First Asian contract and focus on hydropower

An important milestone in AQTech’s international trajectory was the signing of its first contract in Asia, to supply power generation monitoring equipment for the Tanggari 2 hydropower station in Indonesia. In addition to the Asian market, the company is also focusing on hydropower plants in Europe, aiming to capitalize on the continent’s growing investment in green energy and its goal of achieving zero carbon dioxide emissions by 2050.

Exponential growth and technological innovation

Since its founding, AQTech has shown tremendous growth, specializing in developing innovative asset monitoring products in the hydropower and wind energy sectors. Through continuous investment in R&D, the company increased its revenues from R$1.5 million in 2016 to R$40 million in 2023, a growth of nearly 30 times. Silvio Ramos Filho, CEO of AQTech, attributes this success to continuous innovation and integration of technologies such as machine learning, IoT and big data into its products.

AQTech has contributed significantly to more reliable power generation by combining hardware and software to monitor and predict the need for predictive maintenance of hydraulic generators and wind turbines. The company’s success in the market is due to providing innovative solutions to the wind and hydro sectors, which helps mitigate failures and outages in power plants.

Through these strategies and initiatives, AQTech is not only strengthening itself in the national and international market, but also confirming its role as a global leader in energy monitoring solutions, promoting a more sustainable and efficient future in renewable energy.

Source: Luann Martindale.

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