Are airlines that claim to be environmentally friendly lying to you?

Greenwashing is the deceptive practice of presenting a product or service as more environmentally friendly than it actually is, in order to Attract relevant consumers For the environment. This practice is increasingly common in the tourism sector, especially in air transport, which is one of the most polluting sectors and faces increasing social and regulatory pressure to reduce greenhouse gas emissions.

However, greenwashing affects not only airlines, but also travel agencies and B2B distributors involved in the sale of flights and other tourism services. These actors may be exposed to legal, reputational, and financial risks Repeating or publishing false statements Or misleading about the sustainability of the products they provide.

Greenwashing: Are airlines that claim to be environmentally friendly lying to you?

Air transportation is very polluting. Source: Pexels

What does this trend mean for travel sellers and B2B distributors? What challenges and opportunities are presented to you? How can they act responsibly and transparently?

Last week, the UK’s advertising watchdog banned Google ads from Air France, Lufthansa and Etihad Airways for “Giving a misleading impression of the advertiser’s environmental impact,” as reported by the Financial Times and other media outlets around the world.

These ads claimed that airlines were committed to carbon neutrality, or reducing or offsetting emissions, without providing sufficient or clear evidence of their actions or results.

This followed reports by Reuters and other media in September alone of similar individual actions against Ryanair, Etihad Airways and Lufthansa, with KLM even filing a civil suit against it. These cases show that greenwashing is increasingly taking place More monitored and punished By authorities and consumers, who are demanding greater honesty and consistency in communications on sustainability.

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The situation presents a challenge for travel agencies and B2B distributors, who must ensure that… Data that you make or transmit The sustainability of the products they sell is backed by reliable and verifiable data. Otherwise, they may find themselves involved in legal proceedings, lose the trust of their clients, damage their image and reputation, and lose business or financing opportunities.

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