ArrowSphere improves cost control, safety and sustainability

Wholesaler Arrow It has revamped its cloud service delivery platform, ArrowSphere, to make it easier to oversee these services and help partners deliver cheaper, more sustainable and more secure solutions to their customers.

Shannon McWilliams, Global Vice President of ArrowSphere at Arrow ECS, As market dynamics shift towards everything as a service, Arrow is launching new cloud assessment and management tools through a platform-based experience on ArrowSphere to help channel partners scale XaaS into their customers’ accounts. “ArrowSphere’s roadmap will continue to support our channel partners through business transformations, including economic, environmental and security changes,” he adds.

New ArrowSphere cost control panel.

A consolidated view of all accounts in ArrowSphere

to merge GreenOps, FinOps and SecOps dashboards Provides a consolidated view of all cloud accounts managed by the channel partner. This helps improve Cost management and security analysiswhile responding to the growing call for Environmental action To reduce greenhouse gas emissions, including responding to the upcoming EU regulation (Corporate Sustainability Reporting Directive).

Over the past decade, ArrowSphere has evolved from a transactional platform to an automated platform that supports business excellence in the cloud, notes Eric Gormelin, global vice president and chief cloud technology officer at Arrow ECS. “Our latest updates focus on simplifying and creating transparency around cost management, monitoring sustainability, and helping ensure end-user solutions are protected from the ever-changing threat landscape.”

Major ArrowSphere Updates

• Green Ops

The Sustainability Dashboard is designed to help channel partners create solutions that have a minimal environmental impact. As environmental regulations increase pressure on companies to report their carbon emissions, ArrowSphere’s sustainability dashboard includes reporting capabilities as well as a global monitoring tool for channel partners and their customers. Measure the carbon footprint of your cloud activities.

• Financial operations

The Cost Optimization dashboard allows channel partners to make decisions with their customers on how to optimize their cloud spend. With cloud-level visibility through a unified dashboard, it provides recommendations on where to adjust spending.

• Security operations

The security dashboard provides a unique scoring system, where 100% means complete security coverage. This allows channel partners to understand the security posture of their entire end customer base, identify potential threats, and take proactive measures.

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