Balexco Partners With Kanoo Cleanmax For Solar Energy System Installation In Bahrain

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Bahrain Aluminum Extrusions Company (Balexco) has partnered with Kanoo Cleanmax Renewable Energy Company to implement a solar energy system. The project is expected to have a capacity of 2,177 megawatts, enabling the company to supply 30% of its electricity needs from renewable sources.


The estimated electricity generation in the first year is 3,669 megawatts, and over the next 30 years, the total estimated electricity generation will reach 100 gigawatts. The initiative aims to reduce carbon dioxide emissions significantly, equivalent to planting 20,023 palm trees or removing approximately 350 cars from the roads.

Balexco’s Chairman, Jassim Muhammad Siyadi, emphasized the company’s commitment to Bahrain’s national goal of reducing heat emissions by 30% and cutting down carbon emissions. Despite not being carbon-intensive, the company has taken proactive measures to implement energy efficiency audits, recycle aluminum scrap, and transition to LED lighting across its facilities.


The solar energy project is expected to commence operations next year, following the completion of structural analysis and evaluation. Dr Hanan Al-Buflasa, Acting Director General of Energy Efficiency at the Ministry of Electricity and Water Affairs, highlighted Bahrain’s efforts to adopt sustainable solutions for climate change, with a recent commitment to achieving carbon neutrality by 2060.


Mohammed Hassan Al-Tarrah, General Manager of Kanoo Industry and Energy Company, affirmed Bahrain’s dedication to reducing carbon emissions in line with global commitments to combat climate change and work towards carbon neutrality. The Kingdom of Bahrain has been supporting renewable energy projects and facilitating financing programs for electricity projects operating with renewable energy sources.

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