Bayer and Genea sign an agreement to supply renewable energy

Necochia wind farm.
Necochia wind farm.

Bayer has reached a strategic agreement with Genneia to supply 50% of clean energy for its Pilar plants. In this way, in addition to the rest of its supply sources, it will reach 75% of its supply from renewable sources.

Bayer’s health division has two production plants located in Pilar, Buenos Aires Province. The first factory is dedicated to producing painkillers and hormones, while the second factory focuses on manufacturing vitamin products. These factories supply 2.5 billion tablets to 12 destinations in Latin America and Asiaand comply with high quality standards approved by recognized regulatory bodies.

The new alliance between the two companies is framed by a proprietary Market for Renewable Energy (MATER) system, where a contract has been concluded to supply green energy to both plants for a period of 7 years, starting from May 1, 2024. The renewable energy will be supplied from Genneia’s portfolio of assets, composed of wind farms And the company’s solar energy.

At Bayer, we recognize that sustainability is a requirement for business development, and Planta Pilar’s commitment to reducing its carbon footprint is an example of this. Thanks to this long-term agreement 75% of our energy consumption will come from renewable sources, which will move decisively towards our goal of 100% green energy in the short term.“, pass Daniel Bettinelli, Head of Bayer Planta Pillar Website.

For this part, Gustavo Castagnino, Director of Corporate, Regulatory and Sustainability Affairs | ISG to Genetically He added: “We are proud of our ability to save energy Green to one of the leading global companies in the field of health and agriculture and accompanying it in this process. This action allows us to continue to advance a powerful and increasingly powerful change in renewable energy to decarbonize industrial processes.

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