Best Sustainable Restaurants in Spain (Green Michelin Star Guaranteed)

Sustainability is on the table Now more than ever. During the presentation of the 2020 Michelin Guide, the Sustainability Award was awarded to Ángel León for the first time. A first gesture to recognize the importance of caring for the environment in the field of gastronomy.

The following year there was not a single award; Michelin directly created a category to frame all chefs and restaurants committed to sustainable gastronomy. Thus began a new era in the world of cooking, an era Green stars complete the list of Michelin-starred restaurants in Spain.

Angel Pardo, who was in charge of communications at Michelin Spain and Portugal for decades, explained it perfectly National Geographic Trips: “The green star Identifies those restaurants that are particularly sensitive to sustainability. “It is not an official label or certification, but rather the sustainable aspects that inspectors see during their visits.”

the Estrella Verde, which in 2023 celebrates three years of experience and 49 award-winning restaurantsis a continuation of all those aspects that the guide has already emphasized but with intention Giving special importance to sustainability.

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