Bimetallic glass that produces green hydrogen from sunlight reaches a surprising record and becomes a reference in the sector

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A new milestone in renewable energy has been reached through the development of innovative bimetallic glass, Equipped with high-performance crystalsWhich broke the world record for producing green hydrogen using sunlight, according to the Portal Energy website.

Solar energy is currently one of the most popular energy sources, with many consumers interested in installing photovoltaic solar panels to reduce their electricity bills. Hey Bimetallic glass This revolutionary innovation promises to be a major innovation in the field, as it not only produces more energy, but also has the ability to generate hydrogen from sunlight.

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Hydrogen is a critical element in the energy transition and access to this resource From solar energy It is an important goal. Bimetallic glass developed by a team of scientists at Ludwig Maximilians University (LMU) in Munich, Germany, has set a world record for the environmental production of hydrogen using sunlight.

Professor Emiliano Cortes and his team focused on nanoplasma structures to concentrate solar energy, demonstrating their potential efficiency By producing hydrogen from formic acid with the help of sunlight. This advance has been published in the scientific journal Nature Catalogy and is considered a milestone in solar PV technology.

Nanotechnology in capturing solar energy and producing hydrogen

Research has focused on creating nano-sized particles of plasmonic materials, such as gold, that interact strongly with photons in sunlight, generating high-energy electrons. These nanoparticles are organized in such a way as to maximize interaction with sunlight, which greatly increases energy absorption.

The revolutionary bimetallic glass didn’t just set a world record Hydrogen production using solar energy, but it also offers great potential for industrial applications. Plural Material This plasmonic and catalytic technology represents a major advance in capturing solar energy and using it in an efficient and sustainable manner.

The development of this bimetallic glass is an important step towards sustainable energy production, as it has the potential to play a crucial role in the energy transition. The research team has now obtained a patent for this glass structure, suggesting that it could be used revolution The way we capture and use solar energy around the world.

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