Biofuel giant Vibra and biofuels partner to venture into green methanol

The business aims to implement a unit to produce clean fuel that can also be sold as marine fuel

The largest fuel distributor in the country, Vibra On Wednesday, October 10, 2019, a memorandum of understanding was signed with the company Passed agricultural industrial – Preparing feasibility studies for production and marketing Methanol green. The clean fuel can be sold as marine fuel. ENBASA produces ethanol from corn, etc Biofuels In central-western Brazil and Paraguay.

to status/broadcastThe president of Vibra, Ernesto Posada, informed that the two parties have 180 days to evaluate the details of the investment, which aims to implement a unit for this purpose. He did not mention potential values, but highlighted that if the partnership goes ahead, it should start with a small green methanol pilot plant.

“We are very excited. It is another green project, very strategic,” says Posada, noting the increasing demand for green methanol as a ship fuel, replacing bunker fuel, the traditional marine fuel oil, of fossil origin.

“Several major shipping companies have already ordered methanol-powered ships. This is a movement that is already happening around the world. These are flex-fuel ships, which accept either methanol or fuel,” he says. Among these companies is, for example, the Danish shipping group Maersk.

Ernesto Posada, President of Vibra

Ernesto Posada, President of Vibra

Photo: Helvio Romero/Estadão/Estadão


In this case, the “green” methanol or methyl alcohol (CH3OH) comes from the synthesis of carbon dioxide (CO2) left over from corn ethanol production with green hydrogen (H2), which is generated through electrolysis of water with electrical energy. renewable.

Since the process is clean and the carbon emitted is still used in another process, Posada talks about “negative emissions.” The fact that green methanol is a light liquid at room temperature that is easy to transport and store makes it one of the most promising applications for green hydrogen in the coming years.


Enbasa is the country’s largest corn ethanol producer, with units in Sinope (MT), Nova Mutum (MT), and Dorados (MS), in addition to activities in Paraguay. Vibra is the largest fuel distribution company in Brazil, with a presence in 26 states and the Federal District.

So the right synergy for the new green methanol business ultimately lies in Inpasa’s production capacity and Vibra’s logistics capacity.

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