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Mira: The expansion of deductions would reduce collections by more than S$1,500 million annually.

Commented on this by Aldo Schenone, Head of B2B Business at Cabify Peru, in an interview with this supplement. “We are focusing this second part of the year on mass mobility, which involves mass transportation of co-workers from their homes to the workplace. “We are exploring this part to move more people while reducing our carbon footprint.”details.

Shenone points out that the method is not designed for one company to share service with another. “We’ve already started doing trips with company trucks for testing, and we’ve already talked to customers. It’s something that’s coming this year.”he adds.

Motion scale results. (Source: Capify)

Motion scale results. (Source: Capify)

According to the company’s recently released Mobility Barometer, the majority of companies using Cabify globally are in the consulting and finance sectors. In Peru, 11.7% are concentrated in consulting and services, while the financial sector accounts for 8.9%. The telecommunications sector, meanwhile, is down 6.9%, with education and energy using a similar proportion.

Another improvement Cabify is exploring for its service in the medium term is focused on the booking service. “What’s the difference compared to a regular booking? What we want is to ensure that users book in a shorter period of time. If you do it an hour or half an hour or even 20 minutes in advance, what we want is to be able to guarantee the service. It’s something that is being worked on. “This year we could only start testing.”Shinoni comment.

Both bets, for Cabify, are the alternative to increase its numbers during 2024.

Last year there was a 50% increase in corporate clients. “We have already assumed that the dynamics have changed and will never be the same again. But we still see an opportunity, and we see a significant market space that we can win in line with our sustainability goal.”as with Shinoni.

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