CaixaBank is ranked as one of the most sustainable banks in the world

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) has listed CaixaBank, for the twelfth consecutive year, among the world’s best-rated banks for sustainability. This index, one of the most important, which evaluates the behavior of companies under ESG criteria, considers CaixaBank to be the 13th most distinguished financial entity in sustainability in the world with a score of 82 points, out of 200 banks invited to be part of DJSI World. This result in turn represents an improvement of eleven places compared to the same rating in the previous year and positions CaixaBank as the only Spanish bank to improve its score in this new edition.

Meanwhile, S&P Global places CaixaBank in the DJSI Europe Index as the second most sustainable financial entity in Europe out of 40 nominees.

Among the three areas evaluated by the analyst: economic, environmental and social, CaixaBank obtained a very noticeable increase in the environmental aspect, with an increase in the score of five points compared to the previous year, due to the positive evaluation obtained for the bank’s decarbonization strategy (+25 versus 2022). .

Proof of this is that CaixaBank has just published its second climate report, explaining its new intermediate targets for 2030 decarbonisation of the credit portfolio for the thermal coal, automotive and iron and steel sectors, which are in addition to those already in place in the electricity sector. Oil and gas sector.

CaixaBank received the maximum score (100 points) in the areas of transparency and reporting, business ethics, information processing and cybersecurity, and human capital development.

In addition, analysts positively highlighted other aspects such as measuring and managing greenhouse gas emissions, good business practices, human rights, customer relations and experience.

European standard in sustainability

CaixaBank is an entity with a strong historical link with the social impact of its activity. Therefore, it has the responsibility to promote positive economics for people’s well-being. For this purpose, he has developed a Sustainable Banking Plan for 2022-2024, integrated into CaixaBank’s Strategic Plan, which is one of its ambitions to be a benchmark in Europe in the field of sustainability.

To demonstrate this ambition, in addition to being part of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) for the twelfth year in a row, CaixaBank enjoys high ratings from other sustainability analysts such as Fitch, MSCI, Sustainalytics, ISS, FTSE Russell and Moody’s ESG. The entity is also included in the CDP’s A-List, which analyzes and evaluates companies with the best management and performance in climate-related aspects. Likewise, the bank is part of ESG indices such as the MSCI ESG Leader Index, FTSE4Good Index Series, STOXX Global ESG Index, ISS ESG Europe Governance QualityScore Index, Solactive ISS ESG Index Series and Solactive Europe Corporate Social Responsibility PR Index.

In its Sustainable Banking Plan, CaixaBank aims to mobilize €64 billion of sustainable finance between 2022 and 2024, which includes, in addition to providing capital to finance energy transition initiatives, purposes with social impact, such as microloans for students and the self-employed. Small enterprises or families and new businesses that create jobs. The authority is also committed to reaching 413,300 beneficiaries of MicroBank, the group’s social bank.

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