Three football fields fit between its blades

Chinese wind energy continues to break records alone. Sany Renewable Energy, a turbine manufacturer from Bayanur in Inner Mongolia province, has just leapfrogged its rivals in Mingyang with the world’s largest onshore wind turbine. Each of its blades, called SY1310A, is 131 meters long, meaning the rotor moves Its diameter …

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Renewable hybridization is the future?

Spain is one of the leading countries in implementing Hybridization of renewable energy sources. This approach to power generation reduces costs, improves production and ensures a more stable supply. It also represents an innovative and effective strategy to utilize multiple energy sources in the same system. Is it the future? …

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The government believes that licenses for offshore wind energy facilities are for a maximum period of 30 years

Madrid, 26 (Servemedia) The Ministry of Environmental Transition and Demographic Challenge is considering granting the economic system to renewable energy, through a competitive competition procedure, reserving the ability to access a specific point of the electrical grid and the concession of the terrestrial marine public domain for a maximum period …

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