Alexandre Nascimento: From the textile industry to renewable energy

As our living standards intensify our hunger for energy, especially electricity, the current scenario reveals an increasing, but unsustainable, dependence on natural resources. In this context of environmental challenges, a surprise appears Alexander Nascimentoa professional with more than two decades in the IT sector Adidas company. The professional, feeling the …

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Discover the battery that can stay charged for 50 years

With more powerful devices on the market, power consumption and demand for long-lasting batteries have also increased. A Chinese company called Betavolt Technology can solve the problem using nuclear batteries, the same technology found in pacemakers (a small implantable device to monitor the heartbeat) and space components. {{#values}} {{#ap}} {{/ap}} …

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The IEA says emerging countries, led by Brazil, are dominating the global expansion of biofuel production

Emerging economies, led by Brazil, dominate the biofuels sector, according to a report published by the International Energy Agency (AIE) on Thursday (11). “Supported by strong biofuel policies, rising demand for transportation fuels and abundant feedstock potential, emerging economies are expected to drive 70% of global biofuel demand growth over …

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