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Celsia was one of the first companies in Colombia to decide to bet on the energy transition and In 2017, the first solar farm was opened in the country: Celsia Solar Yumbo, 9.8 MW, in Valle del Cauca.

In order to increase this commitment, at the end of 2019, it participated in the renewable energy auction He won two wind farms he intended to build in La Guajira: Camellia and Acacia 2.

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The installed capacity of the Acacia 2 station is 80 megawatts It will be based in the municipality of Maicao, while Camelias has a capacity of 250 MW and will be built in the municipality of La Luribia.

However, the company was not immune to the problems that occur in this section to develop this type of project, as it faced great challenges due to… The times it takes for environmental and prior consultation procedures, Both wind farms and transmission lines.

Wind farm in Guajira

The most likely thing is that we will sell those projects

This adds to Social problems with neighboring communities Of projects that affect adherence to schedules.

In accordance with the commitments made in the 2019 auction, These projects were scheduled to enter into force in January 2022, but they are still in the environmental licensing stage so far. That is, construction has not begun yet.

Due to this harassment, the leader of Silesia, Ricardo Sierra, confirmed this The company is considering selling the Camellia and Acacia 2 wind farms.

He added: “We are evaluating all possible alternatives for managing these projects. The most likely thing is that we will sell those projects Or try to sell it. He said that there is interest from some investors in it.

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Wayú Ingenas confirms that there will be a negative impact

Much of the equipment that was to be used to build the two wind farms, which was purchased some time ago, It will be transported to Peru for use in the construction of the 218 MW Caravelle Wind Farm.

“This will allow us quick entry into Peru,” Ricardo Sierra said. This wind farm will be built in Arequipa, An area where other projects of this type are already operating. The company is currently finalizing permits to begin construction in 2024.

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Gebirashi Wind Park

Although Silesia intends to exit her projects in La Guajira, she is also thinking Possibility of developing wind farms in other areas of Colombia. “The equation is more difficult, but we are studying the technology and locations to see if this can be achieved in the future,” Ricardo Sierra said.

Celsia is the second company to decide to sell the wind projects it had hoped to build in La Guajira, Well, in May 2023, Enel Columbia also made the same announcement.

The company confirmed at the time that the analyzes and feasibility studies conducted had concluded this It was not possible to continue construction of the Windpeshi plant (205 MW), Due to the delays and cost overruns that the project was subjected to as a result of the blockade imposed by neighboring communities.

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