ChargePoint has debuted an ultra-powerful megawatt charging system for electric trucks

ChargePoint’s (NYSE: CHPT) new megawatt charging system for commercial electric trucks is capable of distributing enough power to power about 1,000 homes.

“Megawatt charging is half the equation for trucking electrification,” said Hussein Kazemi, CTO of Devices at ChargePoint. “Companies developing electric trucks can now leverage this infrastructure to test and enable their vehicles to meet — or even exceed — the distances covered by internal combustion trucks.” .

The Megawatt charging system cable and connector will be available on ChargePoint’s Power Link 2000 stations, part of the Express Plus DC fast charging platform.

The megawatt charging system will initially provide up to 1.2 megawatts of power. This system supports bi-directional charging and is designed to eventually deliver up to 3 megawatts, anticipating future vehicles that can handle such charging. In addition, the system is designed for use in marine and aeronautical applications.

The biggest benefit of electrifying the trucking sector is the significant reduction in emissions, as transportation is the largest polluting sector. Currently, the industry is responsible for more than 400 million metric tons of greenhouse gas emissions annually in the United States alone. The electrification of these vehicles is a critical step towards achieving global climate goals. However, creating the necessary megawatt charging infrastructure is essential to support this transition.

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