China Installs Colossal Wind Turbine With Blades As Big As 2 Football Fields, Could Power 36,000 Homes Yearly!

File photo: Wind mill at near Ilkal in Bagalkot district of Karnataka.(IANS)

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If you’ve lived near a windy town, you’re probably familiar with the odd wind turbine majestically peering out from among the treetops. It’s long rotors rotating rhymically in the wind, completing a serene scenery in the distance.

However, it’s hard to grasp the massive scale of these green energy producers until you’re actually veer close enough to one. Just the rotor diameter of a typical turbine could span around 45 meters — about as tall as a 15-storey building.

But the real juicy stuff starts over the seas, where everything scales up immensely. And now, China has plugged in the largest offshore wind farm yet, giving the Earth the biggest breath of fresh air it’s received in a hot while.

The Mingyan Smart Energy 16-260 wind turbine is a piece of technological ingenuity of mass proportions, boasting a rotor diameter of a mammoth 260 metres. This means that, from top to bottom, the blades span the length of more than two and a half football fields!

Furthermore, the gargantuan turbine can easily sweep 800 meters with every sweep of its blades, with a swept area almost as large as the New Parliament House in New Delhi.

But where the stats get even juicier is in its power output. The MySE 16-260 can serve up 67 gigawatt-hours of energy yearly, enough to power 36,000 homes, claims China Three Gorges Corporation, the company behind this machinery. Furthermore, it could save up to 20,000 metric tons of coal and nearly 50,000 tons of carbon dioxide emissions annually.

Wind provides, but its potential to harm cannot be underestimated as well. The MySE 16-260 was installed in a wind farm in the Taiwan Strait off China’s coast, where the winds regularly exceed a tremendous 50 kmph. This means that the turbine needs to be extremely strong, which was observed first hand as it recently faced off against the vagaries of Typhoon Talim that displaced over 2 lakh people recently.

“Most of China’s coastal areas are in typhoon zones, and if there is no wind turbine that can withstand typhoons, it can be said that wind power has little future in China,” Qiying Zhang, the Chief Technology Officer of MySE said in a statement. The turbine has over a thousand sensors to help it adapt to precarious weather conditions in real time.

However, things aren’t stagnating in the slightest. 18-MW wind turbines are already being worked on, and could soon become a staple of offshore wind farms everywhere. In comparison, the MySE 16-260 is rated at only 16-MW of power. There is no doubt that the breakneck pace at which such renewable energy tech is advancing will be instrumental in our planet’s green transition.


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