China is building a huge plant that combines solar, wind and lithium batteries

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Last Friday (5), China launched its boldest green project in years, a huge sustainable electricity production plant at a cost of 55 billion yuan, or about 7.7 billion dollars.

Located in Shanxi province, the massive plant combines wind turbines, solar panels and energy storage using super batteries.

Together, the wind and solar farms will have the capacity to generate 6 gigawatts of electricity per hour. The batteries will be able to store 3.4 gigawatt-hours.

The park, operated by state-owned Jining Corporation, will be connected to the Chinese grid by the end of 2025, and will provide power to Beijing and surrounding areas.

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According to the Chinese press, the project is taking place in an area that was previously occupied by coal plants, a highly polluting activity responsible for turning the skies of large Chinese cities gray in the past.

But in the past decade, President Xi Jinping’s government has begun a bold green transition policy, closing many factories with high polluting potential.

As a result, the country broke impressive records. Between 2022 and 2023, the Chinese will double the number of solar panels installed in the country.

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“Shaanxi Province is expected to reach peak coal production by 2030, and then begin to reduce its emissions,” says Lori Myllyvirta, an air pollution expert at the Center for Energy and Clean Air Research.

Xi'an in the past: The province moved to decommission coal-fired power plants
Xi’an in the past: The province moved to decommission coal-fired power plants (Getty/Getty Images)

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