City developers continue to look at options for solar panels in Wausau

WAUSAU, Wis. (WSAW) – The City of Wausau is charging ahead with its discussions on a new solar panel array to power the water treatment plant.

The proposed project is six acres in size and would generate around one megawatt of energy.

While developers look to build next to the water treatment plant along the river, residents of the neighborhood are concerned about the look and appearance of the array. The city plans to put up fencing and plants to alleviate any potential eyesores.

The base cost of the solar panels and equipment is around $2 million in its current location, but the cost could get driven up.

The Director of Wausau Public Works and Utilities Eric Lindman said, “Those costs will go up if we have to go to different locations if we get further away from the water treatment facility.”

Lindman added that residents do not have to fear a water rate increase as the city is looking for a return on investment, or ROI, to cover costs not covered by grants and programs.

The committee is planning to hold a public information session in September for comments and questions.

They hope to begin construction in late 2024 or early 2025.


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