Coca-Cola FEMSA is the country’s first mass consumption company powered by 100% renewable energy provided by the private sector.

Sustainability is one of the core focuses of Coca-Cola FEMSA’s business, a company that is constantly preparing for the future and striving to become the preferred trading platform for customers and consumers.

Under this guiding principle and within its goal of putting sustainability at the heart of its business, the company became the first mass consumption company in Uruguay to be supplied with 100% renewable energy by a private company, marking a historic first for the country.

Alvaro Portillo

Industry Minister Elissa Fasiu attended the event

“This achievement is part of the path we have been on, in which we have integrated clean technologies over the years that have allowed us to reduce energy consumption,” said Nuria Varela, COO of Coca-Cola FEMSA in Uruguay. Solar panels will soon be installed at the distribution center to further expand its commitment to sustainability.

All this commitment is part of the measures that Coca-Cola FEMSA is developing globally in its quest to reduce greenhouse gas emissions by 28% and ensure that by 2030 the total consumption of all its operations comes from renewable sources.

“At Coca-Cola FEMSA we have an agenda that covers the decarbonisation activities of our operations and we seek to bring about a change in the energy matrix. “In this sense, we have worked in every part of our production chain to be more energy efficient,” explained German Herrero, Supply Chain Director at Coca-Cola FEMSA. Coca-Cola FEMSA in Uruguay.

This innovative change in the company’s source of supply in the country was made possible thanks to the agreement reached with Atlantica Sustainable Infrastructure, a sustainable infrastructure company that owns and operates more than 39 renewable energy and natural gas assets, power lines, transmission and desalination plants in the North. America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa.

To implement this measure, Atlantica invested $12 million in the development and construction of a 26-hectare solar park. Its operation will contribute more than 23,000 megawatt-hours of energy annually to the grid, an amount that almost doubles the annual consumption of the Coca-Cola FEMSA plant in Uruguay.

Alvaro Portillo

Atlantica invested $12 million in developing and building a solar park

“We are facing a milestone in terms of electric energy and the replacement of fossil energy consumption in the country. We celebrate this agreement because it also demonstrates the efforts made by the Ministry to strengthen the regulatory framework that enables this type of agreements, and seeing it now realized is imperative,” explained Minister of Industry, Energy and Mining Elisa Fasio. Really great value.”

For his part, Undersecretary of the Ministry of Environment, Gerardo Amarilla, confirmed that Uruguay has achieved great progress in the field of environmental protection and has set a path in this sector.

He added: “Today we celebrate this initiative, which charts the way forward to continue to grow as a country, continue to be an example of environmental stewardship and continue working for the future that we want to leave for future generations.”

All the actions that Coca-Cola FEMSA is developing are part of its quest to build an organization that is prepared for the future, which is evident in the multiple joint actions in pursuit of preserving the environment, such as achieving efficiency in use and conserving water.

Alvaro Portillo

All this commitment is part of the procedures that Coca-Cola FEMSA is developing globally

This allowed the consumption of this resource to be reduced by 30% over the past six years, with the aim of reaching an indicator of 1.26 liters of water used per liter of beverage produced in 2026. To achieve this, a liquid waste recovery system was launched in the factory, in addition to the introduction of various mechanisms that allow the recovery of Equivalent to 21 Olympic swimming pools in 2022.

In a more challenging bet, Coca-Cola FEMSA, in collaboration with Coca-Cola, promoted “One Bottle”, a returnable container that innovated the production model and represented a fundamental step towards achieving the goals set in the “World Without Waste”. Through these efforts, 20% of its sales volume is in returnable packaging.

All of these changes are also being implemented within the factory, where hard work is underway to transform into a “zero waste” bottling plant. This allowed 93% of the waste generated at the plant to be recycled in 2022.

Alvaro Portillo

In 2022, 93% of the waste generated at the plant will be recycled.

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