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Guided by social responsibility and strengthening the communities surrounding its operations, COFCO International donates electricity to Hospital d’Amour, a health charity specializing in cancer treatment and prevention.

In 2023, 3,500 MWh were donated to the hospital units in Gales and Fernandopolis, supplying 100% of the electrical needs of these two sites with energy donated by the company, representing savings of more than 430,000 reais per year.

This value can be directed towards better use in treating cancer patients. For 2024, the partnership has already been renewed at an official event held in Barretos, during the first week of January.

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Since there are a large number of patients treated in the hospital, a lot of energy is needed to maintain the hospital units. Currently, the hospital has nine consumption units in the free electricity market. The total consumption of these units is approximately 23,000 MWh, of which COFCO, through a donation of 3,500 MWh, represents 15% of the amount, making COFCO the largest donor of electricity to Hospital de Amor.

“Our goal is to invest in people and be able to contribute to helping those who need it most. This partnership with Hospital de Amor overcomes commercial barriers and establishes our commitment to communities, guided by the company’s social responsibility and positive culture,” says Daniele Pagnani, Commercial Director at COFCO International. .

As sustainability is one of COFCO’s values, all donated energy comes from clean, renewable sources, generated through the operations of the four sugar power plants located in the municipalities of Meridiano, Sebastianopolis do Sul, Catandova and Buternaba.

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This renewable energy relies on bagasse as an energy source, which when burned generates thermal energy in the form of steam and electrical energy. It works as follows: in the oven the bagasse is burned, while steam is produced in the boiler. The steam jet rotates the turbine which, when connected to the generator shaft, initiates movement, generating electrical energy. A portion of the excess energy is donated to Hospital de Amor, to contribute to the noble cause of helping others.

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