Colbún remains among the top 10% of electricity companies rated worldwide in the Dow Jones Sustainability Index

  • This result allowed the company to be included for the seventh consecutive year in the DJSI MILA Pacific Alliance, an index that brings together 30% of the best rated companies in the region.
  • Regarding DJSI Chile, the generator qualified for the eighth time in a row.

Colbún was ranked among the 10% of companies with the best scores in the electric power industry worldwide – out of more than 250 companies considered – in the Corporate Sustainability Assessment released by S&P (Global Assessment of Corporate Sustainability) last December 8th. , which is the basis of the Dow Jones Sustainability Index.

The power generator was also ranked for the seventh consecutive year in MILA’s Pacific Alliance Sustainability Index (DJSI MILA), which evaluates the sustainable practices of the largest companies in Chile, Peru, Colombia and Mexico.

This index, designed to evaluate sustainability performance by sector, ranks Colbon among the 30% of the best-rated companies in the region. In this edition, only three other electrical companies have achieved this distinction.

The Dow Jones Sustainability Index (DJSI) consists of a series of market capitalization-weighted indices that evaluate companies’ environmental, social and governance (ESG) performance. This index, developed by Standard & Poor’s, is one of the main global indicators for monitoring the sustainable performance of leading companies around the world.

Likewise, Colbún was also recognized for the eighth consecutive year in the Dow Jones Sustainability Chile Index, which includes 40% of the top IPSA-rated companies.

“Our focus is on becoming a sustainable company in the long term in all dimensions throughout our business, taking into account the interests of our stakeholders and the needs of the market. We maintain focus on our customers, anticipate their needs and promote a prudent business policy,” said CEO Colbún, José Ignacio Escobar: “We give priority to the safety of our employees and the social and environmental management of the company.”

Colbún has demonstrated leadership in many aspects assessed by DJSI. Regarding governance, it received a positive rating in market opportunities and business ethics. Regarding the environmental aspect, it has been recognized for generating electricity with the growth of renewable energy sources. In addition, it has achieved significant improvements in areas such as emissions reduction, water consumption, waste recovery, and energy efficiency. In the social sphere, the company demonstrated its commitment to engaging and communicating with its interest groups.


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