Connected and sustainable vehicles, trends for 2024: geolocation

Next year, the transportation industry will bet on the use of artificial intelligence and greater concern for the environment.

Geotab trends for 2024 stand out The transformative potential of connected vehicles The power of data combined with artificial intelligence to drive the industry Connected, profitable and sustainable transportation And effective.

Geotab, a company specializing in connected transportation solutions, says that by 2024 Companies will look for partners capable of translating large amounts of data for AI models.

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In a statement, Geotab She stated that with AI models, companies will have predictive analysis and benchmarking for highly efficient, safe and sustainable operations.

GenAI will continue to serve as the “pocket data universe” for the connected vehicles and transportation industryThis greatly shortens the time required to deliver information to customers.

By 2024, inflation and rising interest rates will make fleet upgrades more expensive It will put pressure on budgets.

As a response, An increasingly cost-conscious market will seek data insights for better route planning, fuel savings and predictive maintenance.Estimated geographical location.

Climate action

In response to the urgent need for climate action, companies will adopt a “small steps for big change” approach over the coming year.

In environmental matters, In 2024, companies will seek to recalibrate ambitious emissions targets from very high targets in the long term to measurable and transparent targets in the short and medium term. Using current technology and data.

According to Geotab, Fleets are keen to have easy access to comprehensive connected vehicle data to improve operations. However, without standards, maximizing the value of data is a major challenge.

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he 2024 will be a year of industry-wide collaboration to set standards And pave the way for collective success.

Looking ahead to 2024, we expect data and AI predictability to be critical to staying ahead.

Sabina Martin, Executive Vice President of Product Management at Geotab.

He added that AI-powered insights built on strong fundamental data will help guide organizations through economic challenges, drive sustainability initiatives and ensure the ability to adapt in an ever-changing world.

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