Converting mining lakes into solar energy plants

A Brazilian F2B company specializing in photovoltaic projects in bodies of water is betting on the development of a new market for floating solar energy in the country’s mining lakes, and the company has just consolidated a business model to convert flooded areas into a mining operation in free-market renewable energy trading centers. Serving business and commercial consumers.

The proposal is to implement floating solar power plants in depleted mining pits and provide energy to existing companies in the region, through a marketing model in a free contract (ACL) environment, thus contributing to the advancement of ESG policies and the energy transition in the region’s productive sector.

The F2B model also foresees the installation of floating photovoltaic systems to provide energy for the mining process itself, in a so-called distributed generation method.

The company, which was responsible for implementing the first floating solar power plant on a mining lake in Brazil, was inaugurated in November in the city of Rosera, within the city of São Paulo, by the AB Areias group, with investments of R$ 5 million and 1 megawatt (MW) of installed capacity. , seeking to expand the business to other states.

F2B has already identified the possibility of installing these plants in Minas Gerais and Mato Grosso, initially, with the potential for investments totaling more than R$180 million over the next two years, including projects with a total capacity of more than 200 MW.

“With the success of the partnership with AB Areias Group, the market reference in the field of mining for construction, the perspective now is to replicate it in other units of the group and transfer it to other Brazilian states,” explains Orestes Gonçalves, Managing Partner of F2B.

The buoy technology used in the project is of Italian origin and is manufactured in Brazil by the same F2B company. The country’s current manufacturing capacity is 80 MW per year, with the potential to reach around 300 MW in 2024.

“By manufacturing in Brazilian territory, our goal is to offer customers the possibility of obtaining very attractive lines of credit, such as Finame, for example. In this area, the company expects to achieve a turnover of tens of millions with the entry of about 200 MW in the next 12 months.” », points out the CEO.

F2B’s floating solar technology, which is the result of a partnership with NGR Island, an Italian company that is a reference in floating technology for solar PV power plants on the global market, is the only one that can get all the equipment of the solar power plant on the surface of the Earth. Floating Island Even an NRG floating platform transformer has been developed for this purpose, which provides a significant reduction in power loss and reduces the amount spent on DC cables.

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