Counter-Protesters Disrupt Just Stop Oil Banquet With Rape Alarms


Counter-protesters in London disrupted Just Stop Oil’s “Beyond F***** Banquet” on Sunday night by setting off rape alarms hidden inside balloons as climate activists were gathered in a church to “step back, grieve for what will die and disappear but also to celebrate what we have achieved”.

The counter-protesters, billing themselves as “Just Stop Pissing Everyone Off”–a small group of UK YouTubers–crashed the banquet, claiming to have an undercover mole in the group. YouTubers Josh Pieters and Archie Manners say they are protesting Just Stop Oil because of the public rage the group is engaging.

In an interview with the MailOnline on Sunday, Manners reportedly said: “Climate change is the greatest crisis facing our generation – but if we’re going to solve it we need to work together. JSO’s tactics over the last 18 months haven’t worked; indeed people across the country are putting off this vital cause as a result of their protesting.”

“The people at JSO are well-intended; but they’re going about it the wrong way. Stopping mothers getting to hospital, or ruining people’s day out at the snooker isn’t doing anything to tackle climate change,” he continued. “Props to @j_s_p_p_o for their impeccable action design”, Just Stop Oil’s responded to the disruption.

The banquet disruption comes just over a week after Just Stop Oil activists disrupted the British Open Championship by running onto the 17th hole at Royal Liverpool, spreading orange powder and setting off a smoke flare. The protesters were escorted off the course by the police.

Other recent antics include a sit-in protest at Fortnum & Mason in London, spray-painting the Energy Department buildingand disrupting Premier League soccer matches and other sporting events.

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