Cyclum does not rely on the local power grid to charge electric trucks

CORNELIUS, N.C. – Cyclum Renewables, which builds renewable fuel truck stations with conventional and transitional fuels, is reshaping the future of electric vehicle (EV) charging for the trucking and light-duty vehicle industry.

Their approach eliminates reliance on the local electric grid or solar fields, using on-site green electricity generation methods that are less expensive for consumers while being carbon negative versus only carbon neutral, according to a press release.

Cyclum benefits from a range of government grants and tax credits, including investment tax credits (ITCs) and production tax credits (PTCs). Cyclum officials say these incentives greatly support the development of on-site electric vehicle charging infrastructure and clean electricity generation, as well as the ability to generate hydrogen on-site at lower costs.

The Cyclum team will be present at the Novogradac 2024 Renewable Energy Tax Credit Conference May 16-17 in Rancho Bernardo, California.

“Cylum’s on-site power generation using CNG-powered microturbines is revolutionizing electric vehicle charging for the trucking industry,” said Shawn Lee, director of field operations at Cyclum Renewables. “This innovative approach provides fleets with a cost-effective, sustainable and reliable solution to meet their charging needs, ultimately contributing to a cleaner transportation future.”

Cyclum’s presence in the industry extends beyond its truck stops.

Drive the Cyclum Dream offers OEMs, fleets, drivers, trucking and supply chain professionals to experience the future of renewable trucking first-hand.

This invitation-based marketing event allows participants to test drive the latest Class 8 and other electric, hydrogen and CNG trucks, then participate in sporting events and races with a VIP experience through the following events:

  • Friday, June 28 – DrReeve, Nashville Superspeedway, Tennessee
  • Saturday, June 29- VIP Event, Nashville Superspeedway, Tennessee
  • Friday, July 19 — Drive, Indianapolis Superspeedway, Indiana
  • Saturday 20 July –VIP Event, Indianapolis Superspeedway, Indiana
  • Friday, August 30 – Driving, Darlington Speedway, South Carolina
  • Saturday 31 August – VIP Event, Darlington Speedway, South Carolina

Click here for more information about registration and event locations.

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