Designs inspired by sustainability, childhood and New York open on the first day of Espacio Moda Castilla y León

This afternoon, starting at 5:30 p.m., he will host the Burgos Evolution Forum Opening of the first day of Espacio Moda Castilla y León, Seven textile companies from the community will present their most innovative designs, inspired, among other things, by sustainability, childhood, nature and New York City. The brands María Lafuente, Raquel Tomillo, Natacha Arranz Atelier, Eulalia Mateos, By Imelda, Di de Sant and Ainhoa ​​Salcedo will be responsible for the opening of the Espacio Moda Castilla y León fashion shows, the first step in Fashion Fusion Castilla y. Leon Project They organize the CEO and the Ministry of Industry, Trade and Employment Council, which seeks Promoting and encouraging entrepreneurship and entrepreneurship in the textile sector, As well as promoting and strengthening the fashion industry in society.

The designers at the head of these companies presented to the media on Wednesday the proposals that will be presented this afternoon at the Development Forum in the capital, Burgos, and highlighted the importance of this type of initiative for the textile sector. «Espacio Moda Castilla y León is an opportunity to present collections in our provinces»said designer Santiago Garcia.

He remembered that The world of fashion is “harder than it seems” and requires “a lot of work”. So, being able to have a space like this to be able to “show” it to citizens is very important. “The important thing for us is to move forward and expand our horizons. We have to be everywhere. “A show like this is essential for a designer,” added Eulalia Matthews.

Seven groups

Designer Leonie Maria Lafuente will open today With the show starting at 5:30 pm in which he will present his Spring/Summer 2024 collection called “Kokoro”. The designer and authority on the use of recycled materials in the fashion sector explained: “Kokoro is an expression that comes from the heart and soul and is dedicated to all women, especially my mother.” This is also demonstrated by the collection she will present today in which, she said, uses sustainable and innovative materials such as certified Tencel, tulle, sequins and TIRE-X lace, Recycled frames and accessories with cork fabrics.

Designer Raquel Tumelo will continue the show at 6 p.m. By presenting its “natural” collection, which, true to the latest developments, includes dresses that are either very short or very long. Tumello highlights that his goal with this collection is to design clothes for “a very feminine, very modern and confident woman,” and to do this he will present designs that define silhouettes, with a selection of fabrics, patterns and textures.

today He continues with the Valladolid company Natacha Arranz AtelierWhich will present one of my favorite colors: pink. With her sustainable ‘La vie en rose’ collection, the designer draws inspiration from “childhood, happy times and games”, combined with the color “a girls’ favourite, but transposed to a 21st century woman wearing a girl on the inside. “It’s clothes,” he adds. “It has a different touch, very simple, but a lot of attention to detail.”

As arrived from Valladolid, Eulalia Mateus will present her spring-summer 2024 collection, “Untamed,” “the fusion of sweetness and empowerment,” as she herself defines it. With this collection, the designer claims to have “returned to her origins”, defining herself as “urban and very casual”, although there is also room in her collection for more festive looks.

the group “Manhattan” by Salamanca by Imelda brand will bring show attendees closer to New York City, DThe designer herself developed her activity. “New York has been an inspiration for its quality, its lifestyle, and the way it empowers people especially women,” the brand’s designer, Imelda Sanchez, said on today’s show.

At 8pm it will be your turn to take the stage “Di de Sant” brand from Leon Santiago Garcia. This Spring/Summer 2024 collection, called “Banox”, is the “most commercial” collection presented by the designer in more than 30 years dedicated to the sector. “Scarves, prints and designs designed for any day of the week,” explains Garcia regarding the first part of the collection that will be seen on the catwalk. The second part will feature satin dresses, with lots of pleats, flowing fabrics and designs tailored to the party.

finally, Ainhoa ​​Salcedo from Valladolid and her wedding dresses will be responsible for closing the first day of Espacio Moda Castilla y León. The “Bride 2025” collection can be seen for the first time on this platform, and will present 20 prototypes from the 1970s that make up the bridal collection. As he explained, it is an exhibition that features bridal fabrics such as embroidery, crepe, mikado, glitter and paillet, trying to highlight basic models, simple and sober, that suit all sizes and that are “perfect”. To personalize it with a special touch for every woman.

In this edition Advice for designers is provided by fashion designer Monica Gallardo, who has worked with relevant artists such as Rosalyn. He lives between Valladolid and Madrid, where he made a name for himself on the most important catwalks, such as Mercedes Fashion Week. Hair and makeup are provided by Virginia Mellon’s Burgos. In parallel, throughout the event, an exhibition of the latest trends will be created in the entrance hall of the Evolución de Burgos Forum, where attendees will be able to see the creations of Antonaga, Marae, Azul Izal and Guillermo Décimo on mannequins. Haro, Alejandro Mailo, Crazy Q, Laura Lorenzo, Emas Estudio, Louwood, Father Torte, and Pablo and Maya.

Fashion in Castile and Leon

On the other hand, in response to media questions about the situation in the fashion sector in Castilla and Leon, designer Ainhoa ​​Salcedo said: He noted that he is living “a delicate moment.” Because he had just come out of a “sensitive time” and had previously suffered from a similar situation. “You’re always wobbly,” he says.

“This kind of portal helps us communicate,” Salcido recalled. There is “permanent fear” in the fashion sector, although those who choose to devote themselves to it do so “knowing it.” He concluded: “When you come out of times like this, it’s great because you discover yourself, you reinvent yourself, and you have every opportunity to say: I bet on everything.”

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