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“We are part of the second generation of established entrepreneurs in the region. We practically grew up here, and we want to make it happen Moon A more organized, modern and comfortable place for the public.” Blass noted.

With an investment of 50 million US dollars And more than a decade of working in the shopping center Manufacturers He stands taller than Moon, It consists of 18 floors, a panoramic elevator, and a rooftop with a 360-degree view of the capital. “We plan to finish all levels of the showroom by the end of this year. Currently, we have built the first 11 floors and are 100% operational, as well as the two lower floors, where we display women’s clothing for wholesale.Blass says.

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The environmental proposal comes to Gamarra

Aware of the technological progress in infrastructure, the businessman comments that this project seeks to have a “green roof” that matches Environmental trend. “We are still in talks with North American companies to be able to install the circuit that generates Wind force To provide lighting to all corridors of this shopping center“, Confirms

This final phase of the project will begin in the last quarter of 2024, when construction of the workshop warehouses begins, where the manufacturing area and warehouse area will be located. One level later will be the amphitheater.

“in Moon We usually organize marches, many of them in the streets. We want to have a special space for this type of event, which also serves as store union meetings and as staff training areas. Finally, the public will have access to the roof, where the dining hall and wind systems will be located.Blass explains.

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Modernization challenge

Traditional exhibitions for Moon It has a maximum of 8 floors and many of them do not have a proper ventilation system. The modernization challenge is still pending and is a long-term work. “We already have a shopping centre Plaza Fashion GroupThere is a cinema, supermarket and boutique shops. The presence of this type of initiative inspires other entrepreneurs to join the trend, just as it did during the pandemic with digital channels and social sales.“, he explains.

The problem, according to the businessman, is that the mall no longer has space to build this type of mall. “The area of ​​the Gama Shopping Center is approximately one hectare. The challenge with upgrading the infrastructure is that there is no longer any land and the old buildings are very small in size. For example, Los Fabricantes has an area of ​​6,075 square metres, and the proposal with this kind of constraints is to expand Up, but there must be a will.

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How much does it cost to rent in Gamara?

he Rental cost A booth at Los Fabricantes gallery costs between S$1,100-S$1,200 per square metre. It is expected that 620 businessmen will be able to rent stores inside the tallest building in the mall. According to the Real Estate Committee of the Peruvian Gamarra Association, there are 228 trade fairs in the textile cluster, which are managed by nearly 30,000 entrepreneurs.

“We still have the challenge of standardizing the entire store, as well as overcoming informality, but this kind of initiative sets a precedent so that merchants will see that it is possible to have a sustainable offer in Moon “The profile of the consumer audience has changed and is now looking for a more comfortable place to buy in person.”Blass says.

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