Eviosys offers its own R&D center where it will develop sustainable metal packaging solutions

Epheusis It was presented to him Wantage Research and Development (R&D) Center (UK). The opening of these state-of-the-art facilities represents an important milestone in Eviosys’ goal of driving innovation and strengthening its position.

Eviosys’ extensive R&D network Covering all its operations in Europe, Led by a dedicated R&D center located in Wantage. The center is at the forefront of research, technological development and product design for the food sector. Sustainable mineral packaging.

One of the most notable features of this R&D center is Testing the latest generation materials and components And the most advanced scientific knowledge in the metal packaging sector.

In addition, this R&D center has a dedicated food processing area and a pilot manufacturing plant that allows Eviosys Work closely with your clientsHelping them create products and solutions that address their problems and speed up their time to market. The new center reinforces Eviosys’ leadership in this sector by promoting modern facilities Test products, improve processes, and create market-leading packaging solutions.

Eviosys already has a strong track record of innovation thanks to the expertise of its R&D teams, including pioneering products aimed at reducing plastic use, such as Horizonlight metal containers with Ecobell And advanced technologies that promote inclusivity in packaging through innovative designs such as It rotates in orbit. Eviosys’s proactive research and development work allows us to identify and resolve key concerns and preferences of customers and consumers, as well as provide customer service.

As part of this ambition, Eviosys collaborates with trend forecasting agencies and their clients to stay ahead of trends. Micro and macro consumer trends. Thanks to the company’s specialized design team, supported by the agency’s trend knowledge CaramelEviosys is able to stay ahead of industry trends and provide its customers with innovative and inspiring packaging designs.

“We are very pleased to be able to open the doors of our R&D center in Wantage. These facilities represent our commitment to driving innovation in the sustainable packaging sector and delivering exceptional products to our customers. Eviosys is determined to lead the future of packaging and packaging. This center reflects our efforts to achieve this,” he says. the goal”. David Hall, Director of Research and Development at Eviosys.

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