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Gastronomic experiences, museums, nature trips, Local food products or used materials. And they are some of Sustainable ideas For this More and more consumers are choosing to give gifts at Christmas A time of “uncontrolled” consumption in which it is advisable to rethink the environmental consequences.

According to a study he conducted Zinc -A company specializing in market research, luxury and personal care-Sustainability is one of the aspects consumers consider when considering Christmas gifts (39%). “Good news” for environmental care if one considers the gifts as Climbing trees, getting massages, going through workshops or visiting unique places. This was stated by a department professor Directorate of Marketing and Market Research of the Faculty of Management and Public Administration of the Huesca Campus (University of Zaragoza), María José Parles, He asserts that “there are many voices calling for another model in which the joy of giving is based on sustainability standards.” Without encapsulation and generating lasting memories.

Parles, in an analysis of current market trends, points out that according to the same study, In second place comes advanced technology (36%). A less sustainable trend, on the other hand, is being addressed Possibility of purchasing used gifts. According to a study he conducted amazon, Searches for Used products are a growing trend.

Sales in this category have doubled compared to the previous Christmas. From 31% to 61% The study also reflects that Gen Z is ‘most willing’ and sustainability is ‘key’ when it comes to gift giving for 9% While the Amazon survey reveals that this aspect is “important,” although not essential, for 44% of the sample.

Data from Think with Google I point to three consumer trends: Immersive shopping – (Using technological tools such as Virtual reality or Google Lens Watch short videos to learn about the product);“Little luxuries” In travel or beauty, “Products or services that are higher priced but have added value.”And third, make informed purchases,” Parles explains. The latter refers to bResearch the information before making a purchasea year that grew by 27% in the first half of the year compared to the same period in 2022.

With this data, Parles points out, companies ““They would do well” to focus their offerings on sustainable products and experiences by presenting information in video format to their potential customers.Opportunity to deliver added value. On the other hand, it indicates that promotions that rely on gifts or special packaging are successful at this time of year, as well as the use of rSocial media and promotion through influencers in an online channel is considered the “undisputed protagonist”.

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