Falabella, H&M, Zara and others with sustainability discounts; So you can apply

Fashion in Colombia gives A bold step towards sustainability With prominent names such as H&M, Arturo Cali, Ofcourse, Zara Lead the way. These brands recognize the prevailing need to reduce emissions and have implemented measures to set an example Clear collaborative economy.

Circular processes, such as the “clothes collection” initiative. From H&M and eye-catching Second Hand Gallery Falabellaattracting consumers’ attention and changing the way fashion is consumed.

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The practice of exchanging used clothes for discounts in stores It has become a symbol of environmental commitment. This strategy not only encourages reuse but also educates To consumers about the importance of reducing textile waste.

It should be noted that major sustainability decisions like these are not capricious, but are supported by studies that reveal the scale of pollution caused by industry. Nature Earth and Environment Reviews He knows that fashion It is responsible for 10% of global carbon dioxide emissions, With more than 92 million tons of waste and Consumption of 1.5 billion liters of water annually

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What discounts do H&M, Falabella, Zara and others offer on used clothing?

Sustainability is not just a trend, it is a necessity for a greener future. L.’s bold actions H&M, Arturo Cali, Ofcourse, Zara Not only are they making a huge difference to the Colombian textile industry, but also… They set the standard for the country’s most fashion conscious.

  • H&M: It has implemented a “clothes collection” program since 2013. If you take used clothes of any brand, A discount coupon will be given.

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  • Falabella: The company operates through a “Green+” points program where individuals receive scores based on the recycled clothing they wear. This system evaluates all clothes, Regardless of the brand, Allow people to choose other clothes available in the gallery based on their rating.
  • Arthur Street: This brand implements responsible water consumption programmes, managing to save up to 6,408 cubic metres, equivalent to two Olympic swimming pools.
  • Of course: They have proposed going carbon neutral by 2030.
  • Zara: Implementing a clothing donation program at points of sale. This strategy exists in Spain and they are looking to do it here in Colombia.

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