Forum Mobility begins construction of a heavy-duty electric truck charging depot at the Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility begins construction of a heavy-duty electric truck charging depot at the Port of Long Beach

The FM Harbor facility will support high-speed shipping for hundreds of transportation trucks per day, supporting California’s transition to zero-emission transportation.

LONG BEACH, Calif., May 15, 2024 /PRNewswire/ — Forum Mobility, a leading provider of heavy-duty truck charging infrastructure, celebrated the groundbreaking of the new “FM Harbor” freight depot at the Port of Long Beach during an event Held on May 15, 2024. Wednesday. The facility will serve more than 200 electric transportation trucks per day with high-speed charging infrastructure once completed by the end of 2024, supporting California’s transition to zero-emission transportation. Speakers at the event included participants from the City of Long Beach, the Port of Long Beach, the California Air Resources Board, Amazon, Talon Logistics, Refined Transportation, and the Harbor Trucking Association.

Construction of a Forum Mobility truck freight depot at the Port of Long Beach

The FM Harbor facility is part of Forum Mobility’s larger network of heavy truck freight depots strategically located at ports and on routes to shared freight destinations. Each depot includes on-site security, shipping and driver parking services to provide an additional operating experience for truck drivers converting to electric.

“Forum Mobility is building dedicated infrastructure for heavy-duty trucks to transition from diesel to electric. With support from the Port of Long Beach, the FM Harbor depot will provide transportation truck drivers with a turnkey solution for zero-emission shipping. At Forum Mobility,” said Matt LeDuc, CEO and Co-Founder of Forum Mobility. “With facilities like this, fleets can transform simply and without using their own capital.”

Forum Mobility offers monthly subscription options for truck operators that include shipping or truck plus shipping combined in one package. Amazon Global Mile, Talon Logistics, Ocean Network Express (North America)/Boxlinks and Refined Transportation have already secured bookings from Forum Mobility to use the facility. Other truck operators can also still join the network.

“Securing dedicated and fully staffed freight within the port makes us a leader in this field, putting us ahead of the competition,” said Emmanuel Carrillo, CEO of Talon. “FM Harbor couldn’t be more convenient – ​​7,000 trucks a day enter the Port of Long Beach, and our fleet will be one of the few able to ship right next to the terminals. Forum’s turnkey shipping solution allows me to focus on growing my business and serving my customers.”

Investors in the facility include Elemental Excelerator, a non-profit investor focused on scaling climate technology for profound societal impact. Elemental’s investment and support covered essential development costs, such as permitting and engineering design as well as training for effective engagement of the community, policy makers and other stakeholders.

“We are proud to invest in projects like FM Harbor that lead to a healthier, cleaner, more affordable future,” said Dania Hakim, Vice President of Portfolio Company Elemental Excelerator. “Forum’s heavy electric freight depot will directly reduce emissions in the surrounding community.” . “We are ready to scale projects like this nationwide.”

California faces a particular need for heavy-duty truck charging infrastructure to meet the state’s goal of a 100% zero-emission transportation fleet by 2035, which represents about 33,000 Class 8 trucks. The California Energy Commission estimates that to comply with Advanced Clean Fleet and other regulations, California will need 157,000 medium- and heavy-duty chargers by 2030.

The FM Harbor freight depot will provide 19 360-kilowatt dual-port chargers and six 360-kilowatt single-port chargers, capable of charging 44 trucks simultaneously and more than 200 trucks per day. The facility is expected to be operational by the end of 2024. This freight depot represents the kind of replicable, scalable project that will provide jobs and health benefits at ports across the country – at a time when there is unprecedented federal funding and incentives to convert diesel truck fleets.

“We are excited to celebrate this milestone with so many leaders in the Port of Long Beach’s transportation community,” Leduc added. “The Port of Long Beach has been an excellent partner in prioritizing freight. Most importantly, we are thrilled to celebrate with many of our customers, who are truly leading the way forward on zero-emission shipping.”

About Forum Navigation
Forum Mobility is a leading provider of zero-emission trucking solutions. Forum builds and operates heavy-duty electric truck charging depots, offering customers the ability to charge – or truck plus charge together – to make the transition to zero-emission vehicles as easy as possible. Learn more at

About the elemental accelerator
Elemental is a non-profit investor in climate technologies with deep societal impact. Elemental has a 14-year track record of investing in companies that scale essential climate solutions that make neighborhoods and homes cleaner, healthier, safer and more affordable. Elemental, which has successfully managed $180 million in government and philanthropic resources, de-risks technologies for additional investment and focuses on social justice and community impact in project deployment.

Groundbreaking ceremony for Forum Mobility's truck freight depot at the Port of Long Beach

Groundbreaking ceremony for Forum Mobility's truck freight depot at the Port of Long Beach

Forum Mobility and the CBRE IM joint venture (PRNewsfoto/Forum Mobility)

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