Germany shows signs of life

phenomenon low prices of energy to The largest renewable generation This does not only affect Spain. April has started with something new Records of photovoltaic cells and prices are also falling in European energy markets. The downward trend is also driven by Warmer winter About the normal rate and at a level higher than normal Gas depots in the European Union (EU).

This combination of factors has finally allowed, after years of decline, growth German industrial production is growing againAnd much more than the German government accounts.

The sector’s future prospects have improved, with Reuters analysts expecting growth of 0.6% on a monthly basis. Real production has already been achieved (adjusted price) in the manufacturing sector 2.1% In February compared to January, according to preliminary information issued by the authority Federal Statistical Office (Destatis).

(Electricity price collapses to near zero euros all day: these are the ones who lose and those who win)

This growth on a monthly basis of 2.1% is mainly due to building (+7.9%) production Cars (+5.7%) and industries Intense energy (+4.2%). This confirms a positive start for the sector in the current year.

In the first week of April, prices in the main European electricity markets fell and remained unchanged Less than €50/MWh the majorityAs indicated by the energy consulting company AleaSoft Energy Forecast.

Renewed record

the Photovoltaics have reached a historic record From production in Portugal The second highest value in history Italy. in Francethe winds It recorded the second and third highest production for the month of April.

This was added to the increases in solar energy in most markets and wind energy in some Decreased demand and prices for gas and carbon dioxide In favor of lower prices in electricity markets.

Industry promotion

For the second week of April, according to AleaSoft’s solar energy production forecast, solar energy production will increase by Germany and SpainWhile it is expected to decrease in Italy.

Falling energy prices are one of the factors that have awakened industry in Europe. And with German industrial production data, there are already some signs of life.

Industry production index Germany, Italy and France

Industry production index Germany, Italy and France


“German industry must regain its momentum so that Europe has the opportunity to recover from the current crisis and the effects of the war in Ukraine,” Holger Schapitz, the newspaper’s economics editor, said on social media. the world.

“the German activity is gradually increasing again As energy-intensive industries return to normal (which is surprising given the recent rise in oil prices).”

“Those who talk exclusively about the PMI (purchasing managers’ index) should start paying attention to it Concrete data“He’s referring to.

French manufacturing output also rose 0.9% month-on-month in February, slightly less than the 1.2% that economists had expected, but more than expected months ago.

The south is growing more than the north

The most interesting thing is that for another month, there will be a “green light” for industry in the eurozone Greece, which was once a scapegoat for the European Union regarding its economic situation. By obtaining 56.9 points, this country clearly exceeds the neutral barrier of 50 points, which separates an increase in industrial activity from a decline, according to the Purchasing Managers’ Index prepared by Standard & Poor’s Global Market Intelligence.

Overall, Southern Europe is performing very well at the moment. Above 50 pips there too Spain And for the first time in a year Italy.

The report indicates that this is possible Netherlands and Ireland They are also in growth territory in the coming months. The Purchasing Managers’ Index for these countries reached 49.7 points and 49.6 points, respectively. In the case of the Netherlands, this was the best result in 19 months.

For many countries the slowdown has ended, and now Germany and France, the eurozone’s two big industrial engines, are starting to heat up.

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