Green light for Galigian to install the world’s first tidal wind farm

Galician technology company Magallanes Renovables has received support from the UK for the installation It will be the first floating tidal energy park in the world.

As announced by the company, it achieved the energy rate of Great Britain in the auction called by this country for the production of tidal energy. This rate represents A Long-term contract for renewable energy generation companies Which guarantees a fixed price for the electricity produced Balances the entry of new sources of renewable energy Combined with already traditional ones such as wind or solar energy.

“With the Launch of the ATIR 2.0 trading platform Backed by the UK-led market, Magallanes Renovables We are ready to lead the renewable energy revolution “In the oceans,” said Alejandro Márquez de Magallanes Crespo, CEO of the technology company. “This achievement represents an important step towards a more sustainable and diversified energy future.”

New and more efficient design after five years of testing

The company also announced its own trading platform, known as ATIR 2.0 has received Bureau Veritas certificationhighlighting the efficiency, safety and profitability of its design, arising from applying the best solutions in the marine and wind industry to develop a machine capable of converting the power of the ocean into energy.

ATIR 2.0 has been designed so that… Profitable both in terms of capital costs (Capital expenditures) Such as operating costs (Operational expenses). “By using proven components from the marine and wind turbine industries, Magallanes Renovables achieves its Reduce engineering and construction costsEnsuring simple and accessible maintenance and repair operations thanks to its unique design and easy access to the machinery room located 15 meters below sea level.

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