Grupo Dia advances its strategic plan with a diverse and inclusive culture

Pilar Hermida, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Grupo Dia.

Today’s collection cast him Strategic Sustainability Plan 2024-2025 That’s under the slogan ‘Every day counts’ Focuses on promotion local economy, promoting a diverse and inclusive culture, caring for the natural environment and contributing to a more sustainable value chain In Spain, Argentina, Brazil and Portugal.

The company’s sustainability roadmap, which follows the 2021-2023 Strategic Plan, is already looking to 2030 with the ambition of deepening work on key axes to continue building value for its customers, employees, franchisees and suppliers from its differential strength and proximity.

“Our purpose of proximity guides the company’s strategic decisions with a focus on creating value in the communities in which we operate and for society.” States Martin Tolkacher, Global CEO of Grupo Dia.“This plan is an opportunity to amplify The impact of Zia on communities and neighborhoods Which we are in. It demonstrates the firm responsibility we have as a company, recognizing and taking pride in our role as an economic and social driver.

In a context of rising costs and inflation, supply chain tensions and environmental risks rising to the point of no return, Grupo Dia has aligned Every Day Counts commitments to the social tensions where they can matter most. The positive impact is achieved thanks to the importance of its business and the strength of its network of local stores.

that it The second strategic plan for sustainability It is the result of a year of work involving all areas of the business so that the strategy responds to social, environmental and governance challenges, addressing and listening to the customer’s point of view. Surveys of over 8,000 people from interest groups: Customers, employees, franchisees, suppliers and other stakeholders related to the business.

This work made it possible to identify the four action axes of the plan, through a dual assessment of material importance. Of priorities The company will go the extra mile, in alignment with its purpose and knowing that it will allow it to make a difference: Developing the local economy and promoting a culture of diversity and inclusion.

For Zia, sustainability is not an accessory, but a source of value creation. Its integration into all aspects of the business allows us to make our company purpose tangible and progress on a path focused on making a positive impact through what makes us unique: proximity“, Confirms Pilar Hermida, Director of Communications and Sustainability at Grupo Dia. This plan came to light after a year of intense and exciting work that highlights the culture of collaboration and teamwork that defines Diya“.

‘Every day counts’: A strategic plan to enhance positive impact

he Dia Group Strategic Plan 2024-25 It falls on Four axes of work: Developing the local economy; Promote a diverse and inclusive culture; Caring for our natural environment; Traction for a more sustainable value chain. Finally, as a cross-lever, the company will strengthen sustainability governance within the organization to ensure dissemination and compliance with the plan.

The first strategic axis of the plan focuses on: development of the local economy, One of the priority areas of work for its validity period. This pillar brings together three commitments that have a significant impact on the communities in which the company operates through its network of owned and licensed stores in the countries where Dia is present.

With commitment Facilitating access to healthy, high-quality foodThe company will advance in implementing its program Eat better every day. Through this initiative, which began in May 2023 and is supported by the profound transformation that the company has witnessed, Zia wants Contributing to alleviating nutritional barriers and facilitating the adoption of healthy eating habits.

The program will enhance actions in all its channels Facilitating access to healthy and diverse foodsFrom a geographical and economic point of view; Which enhances knowledge and awareness of the importance of food and its impact on well-being; As well as those that allow adopting and consolidating healthy habits.

he The second commitment to the strategic plan will focus on Stimulating entrepreneurship and employment Through the company’s ecosystem of franchisees and local suppliers. Currently, Dia has more than 2,000 franchisees operating more than half of its global store network and generating more than 17,000 jobs. For its part, the company 96% of its purchases are from 2,600 local suppliers With which it works globally to offer a complete assortment that adheres to the Dia brand’s fresh, high-quality, affordable products.

Commitment to people, the environment and the value chain

The second strategic axis of the 2024-2025 plan, which is the second priority that the company will work on in this period, focuses on promoting a diverse and inclusive culture and its commitments and procedures will continue to be worked on at the internal level of the organization. Company through promotional campaigns, matchmaking procedures and training procedures aimed at the professional development and growth of your team.

The third strategic axis of the 2024-2025 plan focuses on: Caring for the natural environmentwith three commitments dealing with analysis decarbonizing the business and supply chain; Increasing the recyclability of packaging and the circular economy; And continue to reduce food waste With strategies based on prevention and food redistribution.

Finally, through the fourth business axis, Grupo Dia will advance its value chain towards a sustainable management model based on responsible production standards.

At a time when we as citizens demand responsible corporate governance and the generation of social and environmental value, implementing this plan will allow Dia to address the challenges facing the distribution sector and demonstrate our commitment to homes through action. As we move towards a more sustainable future, we know that every day counts. “It is time to make this roadmap a reality.”He finishes Tolkatcher.

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