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Israeli Researchers Use AI To Make Next Gen Of Solar Panels

Researchers at the Bar-Ilan University near Tel Aviv have produced a solar panel consisting of 676 different materials that convert the sun’s energy into electricity. It is part of the new class of solar panels developed from AI-based materials science, which means that artificial intelligence (AI) designs the materials in the panels.

This creates a much more efficient process in solar panel production while making it significantly cheaper.

“This is the future of solar panels and the use of solar energy,” said Dr. Hannah-Noa Barad of Bar-Ilan University, who conducted the research along with Bar-Ilan University President Prof. Arie Zaban.

A photo of the Bar-Ilan University solar panel gifted to US Vice President Kamala Harris by Israeli President Isaac Herzog (Courtesy)

The researchers are working to replace the silicon component of solar cells with their new materials in order to make solar panels more sustainable. Dr. Barad also said that they are researching how to convert carbon dioxide into usable fuel for the chemical industry.

“Thus, through the two technologies, solar energy and carbon dioxide recycling, we will be able to lower carbon dioxide emissions and switch to the green energy, something that will help solve the climate crisis in the future,” she explained.

During his Washington visit last week, President Isaac Herzog presented US Vice President Kamala Harris with one of the newly developed solar panels in acknowledgment of her support of green energy and environmental practices.

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