It is repeated as the most sustainable technology in the world

There is no doubt that ESG policies, which address environmental, social and governance issues, are gaining increasing importance in the daily life of companies. According to a study by the UN Global Compact, nine out of ten Spanish companies contribute to the Sustainable Development Goals, and more than 80% of the companies listed in our country have set concrete goals in this area.

However, only a select few are emerging as ESG leaders around the world, and even fewer are able to sustain the success that comes with performing better than other companies in an increasingly changing and demanding global environment. Technology company Indra has achieved this tremendous achievement, and for the third year in a row it ranked first in the IT services sector in the Dow Jones Global Sustainability Index.

Despite the increasing competition and complexity of this global sustainability index, Indra achieved the best rating in its sector for the third year in a row by obtaining 87 points out of 100, according to the Standard & Poor’s (S&P) evaluation.

“These exceptional results represent recognition of Indra’s commitment to excellence and continuous improvement in environmental, social and governance matters. And our efforts to respond, through technology, to the sustainable development challenges of the 2030 Agenda, to facilitate the transition to a low-carbon economy and make a positive impact on people and planet. Mark Mortra, President of Indra.

Indra’s leadership covers all key areas evaluated by S&P: it achieves the best score in the sector in the environmental and social pillars and the 99th percentile in corporate governance.

At the environmental level, Indra received the highest possible score (100 points) for climate strategy, emissions, circular economy, resource and water use. Regarding the social pillar, business and customer relationship management practices stand out with the highest scores, which also limit their practices in human rights, talent attraction and retention, occupational health and safety, and privacy protection (ranked 99th percentile).

Sustainability at heart

In terms of corporate governance, it received the highest ranking in ethics, tax strategy and innovation management, and an excellent standing in information security and cybersecurity (ranked 96), which are important areas for the company.

These results are a result of Indra’s comprehensive commitment to sustainability, which lies at the heart of its culture and strategy. Indra’s outlook is always directed to the future, and seeks to anticipate the needs of the societies in which it exists. One goal they all share is to achieve sustainable development, with technology being an essential tool for achieving it.

“There is no doubt that sustainability will play an important role in Indra’s roadmap for the coming years, which we are defining in Our strategic plan is to lead the future. “Not only do we want to continue improving our environmental, social and governance performance to maintain our leadership, but we also want to be the technological ally of our customers’ sustainability,” highlights José Vicente de los Mozos, CEO of Indra.

To ensure that this commitment permeates all areas of the company, the Sustainability Department, led by Manuel Osafiri, Chief Strategy Office (CTO) at Indra, has become part of the Management Committee. whose members have incentives around their environmental, social and governance goals. In addition, a significant portion of employees has been trained in sustainability, and 97% of professionals and 100% of suppliers have been trained in ethics and transparency.

All this work is embodied in the tangible progress the company has achieved in recent years. Thus, on the climate front, it has reduced its CO2 emissions by 26%, and is making good progress to neutralize emissions from its operations in 2040 and reach net zero.That is, achieving net zero emissions by 2050. In addition, it works to reduce the environmental impact of its products and make them more sustainable by applying eco-design.

In terms of people, Indra reduced the salary gap by 3% and increased the proportion of women hired into STEM fields; Exceeded 1 million training hours and enhanced professional development to foster internal growth and attract and retain top technology talent.

Thanks to the numerous examples of Indra’s solutions having an impact in areas such as sustainable mobility, energy efficiency, security or environmental protection, it has also been listed by The Carbon Disclosure Project (CDP) is among the leaders in the fight against climate change with the highest rating possible, “A-List.”

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