Italy will build a large floating solar and wind energy complex

Off the southern coast of Italy, in the Ionian Sea, a 540 MW floating solar-wind hybrid plant is scheduled to be built (MW).

According to a post by Electrek, Dutch-Norwegian offshore solar company SolarDuck, Italian investment fund Arrow Capital and Italian developer New Developments are jointly developing the Corigliano project, which will be located in the Gulf of Taranto, off the coast of Calabria in Italy. Corigliano Rosano:

SolarDuck is a spin-off from Damen Shipyards, one of the leading shipyards in the Netherlands. She leveraged this knowledge to design elevated marine solar platforms made of aluminum that sit 10 feet above the water to withstand waves.

Altitude also reduces salt deposits on solar panels. (Floating solar farms on lakes and ponds are usually located directly on the water.)

The triangular floating platforms are modular, so they can be connected to form large floors. In addition, the platforms have non-slip walkways and fences for access and maintenance.

Renewable project capacity

The floating hybrid wind and solar park will contain 420 MW of offshore wind and 120 MW of floating solar.. It will contain 28 floating wind turbines, but SolarDuck’s announcement does not indicate who is developing it.

The Corigliano hybrid floating project is scheduled to become operational in 2028.

SolarDuck is implementing a 5 MW pilot project for a maximum period of three years with multinational energy company RWE in the North Sea, 12 km off the Dutch coast of The Hague.

In December, it secured €15 million in financing and will install Japan’s first floating offshore wind farm.

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