Jaime Cabrera goes to Fedeport as PP manager

Jaime Cabreraformer Commercial Director of Naviera Armas and former President of Asocelpa, joins for the first time as PP Director the corporate delegation visiting the employers’ association Fedeport, in the port of Las Palmas.

Cabrera visited the Fedeport facilities he heads Jose Juan RamosTo advise the President of the Popular Party of Gran Canaria, Carlos Estherin what is called the “decided commitment” by PP that the archipelago will become the first place in Spain to develop offshore wind energy.

José Juan Ramos (center) with Felipe Afonso and Carlos Estre. The photo also shows Elba Bueno, Jose Juan Socas, Jaime Cabrera and Maxi Diaz.

According to Carlos Ester, the Canary Islands can be a pioneer in the implementation of offshore wind farms throughout the country, and to this end, “It is necessary to work together with all relevant actors. Encouraging and promoting the development of offshore wind energy on the islands, and bringing together all companies and institutions in the sector, should be a common goal.“, he pointed out.

The isolated PP met with several members of the board of directors of this organization. “He continued that the blue economy includes a wide range of activities such as ocean energy, marine biotechnology, coastal tourism, ports and sporting activities linked to the irrefutable fact that the sea and the coasts are drivers of the economy in the Canary Islands.“.

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