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A 1GW offshore wind farm would be built in the southwest territorial waters of Jersey’s Channel Island, under proposals announced by its Cabinet.

The project would comfortably produce enough electricity to meet the island’s own needs, with the rest exported.

Ministers will hold a public consultation and have put forward a proposal asking member states to give their support “in principle” for the project.

It is proposed that the wind farm be privately financed and designed, and delivered by a consortium with significant experience in similar development elsewhere.

Environment Minister Jonathan Renouf MP said: “This is not a new idea, but we believe it is time for Jersey to get its act together and formally begin a process that could eventually lead to the development of a wind farm in Jersey.” waters.

“The demand for clean energy is huge and offshore wind is now a mature, proven and competitive form of electricity generation.

“All of this represents a once-in-a-generation opportunity for the island.

“There are many potential environmental and economic benefits.

“Access to locally generated renewable energy can provide greater price stability for islanders at a time when energy markets are volatile.

“It will also allow us to access low carbon energy in the long term, with income streams to fund Jersey’s transition to net zero emissions and other public services.

“Generation capacity at the levels we are proposing is about six times the current electricity demand in Jersey, and about twice what we would need if all the energy needs of our current economy – including transport and home heating – were fully powered by electricity. This means we can create new export opportunities too.”

The Ministers propose a three-stage approach, starting with: Public participation, industry engagement, and states’ discussion of the proposal.

They then plan to lease the seabed through it Competitive bidding process.

A successful development consortium will then need to consult with islanders, assess the environmental impact and submit a formal application for approval. Islanders have previously shown strong support for renewable energy.

In the 2019 Island Plan consultation, 85% of participants agreed or strongly agreed that the plan should continue to encourage the development of offshore wind and tidal energy.

The main public engagement process will begin next month and run for 14 weeks, including public meetings, the opportunity to display visual “mock-ups”, and a formal consultation survey.

MP Renouf added: “We announced our intentions at an early stage to ensure that islanders have the opportunity, from the outset, to have their say before the mandates are debated next spring.

“If member states are supportive, we expect to introduce the necessary legislation in 2024.”

“Then in 2025 we can identify the right developer. I am very excited to launch this project on behalf of the Cabinet.

“This is an opportunity for Jersey to make clean energy a key part of its economic future.”

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