Keys to success in the era of sustainability

Amid an unprecedented revolution, utilities are adjusting their strategies to meet growing customer expectations in a world rapidly moving towards digitalization and sustainability. Jairo SanchezSupport Services Manager at International Openshares seven transformative customer habits that are reshaping the industry and highlights how technology can be key to staying competitive.

1. Comfort and accessibility:

Modern consumers seek convenience and accessibility in their interactions with utility companies. Sanchez It stresses the importance of offering a wide range of online services, from payments to managing technical issues, to keep up with these expectations.

2. Transparency and clarity in prices:

Customer trust is built through transparency in pricing and billing. Users want to be fully informed of any price changes, scheduled outages, technical issues, or stress Sanchez.


3. Reliability and quality of service:

The demand for reliable and continuous services highlights the need for investment in infrastructure and preventive maintenance. When experiencing issues, customers expect efficient customer service and consistent communication during outages.

4. Sustainability and environmental responsibility:

He points out that promoting sustainability and environmental responsibility positively affects the perception and relationship with customers Sanchez. This not only enhances reputation, but ensures long-term success.

5. Efficient and personalized customer service:

Quality customer service is essential to ensure satisfaction. Customers are looking for effective answers and quick solutions to their problems.

6. Greater control over consumption:

Seeking real-time insight into consumption motivates customers to make informed decisions. Access to accurate data allows them to improve use of services and save money Sanchez.

7. Secure data management and privacy:

Data security and privacy are essential to building a strong relationship of trust. Companies that implement strong cybersecurity measures and adhere to privacy regulations win the loyalty of their customers.

Technology: the key to transformation in the utility industry

To adapt to these changes, utilities must adopt innovative technological solutions, he says Sanchezwhich highlights that “adopting innovative technologies is essential to the success of this industry.”

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