Kia tests an electric pickup in the United States (video)

Is this the Ford F-150 Lightning competitor we’ve been waiting for? Kia’s first electric pickup has been spotted testing in the US, as the brand gears up for an onslaught of electric vehicles.

Kia has already confirmed that it will launch an electric truck in the United States. During its Investor Day in 2022, Kia revealed plans to launch two electric pickup trucks: one dedicated to electric vehicles and the other a strategic model for emerging markets.

The electric trucks are part of Kia’s plan to launch two electric vehicles per year and build out a full lineup by 2027.

In the United States, where mid-sized SUVs and pickup trucks are very popular, Kia confirmed that “electric versions of these models will be produced locally starting in 2024.”

Following the launch of the EV9 late last year, the larger electric SUV is already off to a strong start. With a record 1,572 EV9 vehicles sold in April, the electric SUV pushed Kia to a new record for monthly electric vehicle sales, up 144% year-over-year.

Kia electric pickup
Kia EV9 2024 (Source: Kia)

Kia is offering a $7,500 customer cash credit, which can add up to $12,400 in savings until U.S. production begins. Meanwhile, Kia is expected to begin building the EV9 at its West Point, Georgia, facility this month.

Kia is testing a mysterious electric pickup truck in the US

Is a new electric pickup from Kia scheduled to follow? For the first time, an electric pickup from Kia has been spotted testing in the United States.

Video from KindleAuto It features a larger-looking pickup with a bold face, resembling a Ford F-150 Lightning. You can clearly see the design features taken from the powerful, big-body EV9.

At the back, you can see the concept equipped with lights similar to the Hyundai Santa Cruz. It will likely be updated in the production version.

It will likely include several new Kia design elements, such as its new distinctive “Digital Tiger Face” grille, which replaces the old “Tiger Nose” design.

Kia EV9 2024 (Source: Kia)

Kia’s new electric vehicle will join the growing electric pickup market in the United States with the Tesla Cybertruck, Rivian R1T, Ford F-150 Lightning, and Chevy Silverado EV.

Although Kia has yet to confirm specifications, it is expected to be based on Hyundai’s next-generation EV platform, which is expected to boost range (the EV9 has an EPA-estimated range of 304 miles) while cutting costs (the EV9 starts at 54,900 dollar).

If you can’t wait for Kia’s electric pickup, Kia is offering huge savings of up to $12,400 on select EV9 models. You can use our link to view deals on a 2024 Kia ​​EV9 at a dealer near you.

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