Lancaster energy company eyes continued leadership in the solar market

Lancaster-based Paradise Energy Solutions is poised to continue being a leader in the Engineering, Procurement, and Construction (EPC) solar market.

A family-owned, full-service provider of solar energy services, Paradise Energy Solutions lists new installation incentives, warranties, and guarantees, a growing service department, and emerging technologies as ways to empower businesses, farmers, and homeowners. The company recently announced the installation of its 2,000th solar energy system.

“We’ve always tried to build a sustainable company with a long-term view of our business anchored in our vision of helping people be good stewards of God’s abundant resources,” Dale Good, president and CEO of Paradise Energy Solutions, said in a statement.

“That can be very challenging in an industry like solar installation, which in its short history has had many ups and downs. But our approach has provided a bright future for our company and our customers who rely on us.”

Founded by four brothers, Paradise Energy Solutions started with the brothers installing their first solar system for their father at the family farm. The company has grown to over 100 employees and its 2,000 successful installations are equivalent to 84.12 MW of solar energy across eight mid-Atlantic states.

The company provides turnkey grid-tied solar installations and maintenance services throughout the mid-Atlantic region.

Good said Paradise Energy Solutions emphasizes staying true to its core values.

“Lots of companies aspire to desirable and honorable core values, but far fewer actually live with them,” said Good. In fact, core values ​​are really more of a reflection of who we are than who we want to be. If we are truly living our values, then we will serve others well.”


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