Landua, a family and sustainable restaurant hidden among the nature of Galicia

It is one of the best restaurants in Galicia, but it is not located in any of the big cities, but in a small corner of the Costa da Morte, in the Ezaro area, located at the foot of Mount Pindo on the slope of Mazaricos. (To La Coruña). his name is Developed It is legitimate Alberto Cruz and Maria Camperoa couple who one day found the place of their dreams.

Landua is located in a stunning setting (Photo: Landua)

Landua opened its doors in July 2021, but has been implementing a similar project of the same name for some time at the country house Maria’s family owns in the area. The couple had gone to Barcelona, ​​but they had an opportunity they couldn’t refuse: “This house came along, we fell in love with the location and had to buy it“Maria tells it this way.

Interior of the restaurant (Photo: Landua)

The place name refers to the name given to the nut in the area. It defines the restaurant well, because it is connected to the land and the rural environment. The couple took over the house at the end of 2018 and renovated the house and restaurant over the following year. Landua was supposed to open in 2020, however The pandemic delayed the start of the project by a year.

Instant success

It’s not easy opening a restaurant out of town and in the middle of a pandemic, but when something is done well, success eventually comes. In Landua’s case, it was almost instantaneous, since the restaurant built it up in just over two years Recommended by Michelin Guide, Sol by Repsol and Golden T by Tapas magazinewhich they won just a few weeks ago.

The views from inside are absolutely magical (Photo: Landua)

It also sparked a feeling of trust among diners as a result of the work done at the cottage: “We’ve done a job and we remember it. We didn’t fix the inauguration, we knew we were about to open the doors and “We trust word of mouth and our work.”

Sustainability and reconciliation

Another aspect to highlight about Landua is that he is Sustainable project It wouldn’t be surprising to see them win a green Michelin star soon. They have a small garden They also work with local producers to bring the best product to the table.

The restaurant has its own garden (Photo: Landua)

They also implement sustainability in their personal lives, which is why they have schedules in which the family balance of the couple is prioritized. “We only open at noon to have a better quality of life.”Maria explains.

The tasting menu varies depending on the season

The environment and the concept of the project make Landua something truly special, but what elevates the restaurant to the level of carnage is its gastronomic offer. There we can enjoy a unique menu of nine dishes, eight of which are savory and one sweet, which varies according to the season: “We prepare four menus a year, one for each season.”.

Colonel | Gallo (Photo: Landois)

“We have market and seasonal cuisine that seeks to reconnect with the land. We work with small producers and breeders of local varieties. We meet people and create a very interesting network. “We are continuing to learn and grow, which gives the project a more cohesive shape,” explains Maria.

LONGIERON | dashi | Capuchins (Photo: Landois)

The menu offers modern cuisine that reinvents Galician traditions without deviating from their origins. The price is 55 euros per person We can enjoy it every day, except Wednesday and Thursday. From 1:30 pm to 3:30 pm. If you love gastronomy, Landua should be one of your mandatory stops this fall.

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