Madrid prepares for Mad Cool

Starting Wednesday, Madrid will host a The new edition of Mad Cool Festival. A musical event included in the international festival calendar and has a strong transportation system with Metro and Circánías reinforcements.

Furthermore, as a novelty, this will be the first version with Uber Law in effect, so VTC price It will be limited. It all happens after users reported during previous versions an “offensive” price of more than 100 euros per race.

In this type of situation, Department of Transport He has put his foot down and decided to organize virtual trading centers. The organization has been active for several months, but will see its first full event this week.

The organizers tried at all costs to avoid a repeat of the crowds of its first edition in the Iberdrola Music space, located in Villaverde, and paid for the expansion. Madrid Metro And launch Cercánías. Everything up to 4 in the morning.

But, despite the mobility device and all the efforts of the organizers, Mad Cool has become surrounded by controversy once again. On this occasion, People’s Party (City Hall and Ministry) and PSOE (The Spanish government delegation and Getafe City Council) used the event as a political battleground, much to the shame of the organizers.

The latest controversy will come on Monday when a government delegate calls for a “political” meeting with the Getafe City Council and the Madrid City Council. Francisco Martin wants a face-to-face Mayor Jose Luis Martinez AlmeidaBut everything seems to indicate that he will not get it.

The mobility device was approved (the government delegation gave it final approval), but the delegate nevertheless called an “urgent” meeting with Almeida last week. He stressed that his schedule was busy that day and that he would go instead. Borja Carabante, Delegate of the Urban Planning and Mobility Area.

A photo of the Mad Cool Festival during its 2023 edition in its new location in Villaverde.


The Madrid community was not spared from this controversy either. In fact, this very Sunday, Minister of the Presidency, Justice and Local Administration of the Community of Madrid, Miguel Angel García MartínHe criticized the position of the government delegation.

“What I have to do is do the job and support the Government of the Community of Madrid and support the city councils, especially the City Council of the capital, so that we continue to be a magnet for tourists,” he concluded.

mobility device

Regarding the mobility device, it should be remembered that the night hours of Metro Line 3 will be extended and the EMT shuttle service will be launched to ensure the mobility of attendees.

Metro service will be enhanced until 4am on Fridays, Saturdays and Sundays, and until 2:30am on Thursdays.The suburbs will also offer a shuttle service directly connecting Villaverde Alto and Sol, with only stops for passenger departures in Legazpi and Embajadores.

On the other hand, the Madrid Municipal Transport Company will launch another night bus between the vicinity of Villaverde Alto and Atocha with an intermediate stop for passengers to drop off at Plaza de Legazpi, with a frequency of between four and ten minutes.

For those spectators who choose to arrive from Los Espartales station Metro line 12 in GetafeA special bus service will be activated to facilitate pedestrian traffic under the M-45 roundabout.

This booster will only operate during building entry hours and at approximately one step every two minutes on demand. Traffic will also be cut off from the roundabout below this road at the party exit.

with regard to credit cardIt should be remembered that with the application of the new Madrid regulations, the price of this service “may not exceed 75% of the usual price” for that flight.

(Signs for translation)Metro(r)Transport(r)Community of Madrid(r)Villaverde (Madrid)(r)Getafe(r)Community of Madrid

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Madrid prepares for Mad Cool

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